Sunday, February 15, 2015


I actually got some sleep last night. Not a lot, but certainly more than Friday night. And it was a consecutive almost 5 hours which made it even better. Did I want to get up at 7:45? Not really, but I've gotten lots of puppy play and tv in today.

Seeing the -17 temperature wasn't so great. Poor Tinlee and Seven were having a very hard time with it. They would go out, and their feet were so cold they could barely walk. Tinlee would try to come in but would only take a step or two at a time because it was hurting her. It makes me feel so bad when that happens. It's warmed all the way up to -3 now so it isn't quite as terrible for her. I imagine later tonight it won't be good.

On a good note, I finally sold my old car! She's coming to get it this week. I'm happy for her, and I think she's going to be happy with it. At least I hope she is. I want her to love having it as much as I did. And even better, Kev will love having his side of the garage back.

I completely forgot I had this mani in my drafts. Probably because I had temporarily titled it "failure". I had put the good mani in as well as the craptastic one so when I was doing my posts, I didn't even look at it because the fail is so bad I decided not to post it at all. 

So I lied about no more hearts. This one was supposed to be my actual Valentine's Day post because it's red.
Kleancolor Metallic Red, Konad  White, DRK Themes Enlaced stamp, Valentine hearts
I used Kleancolor Metallic Red with Konad white and the new DRK Themes Enlaced stamping plate. The Kleancolor metallics can really stain, so I did this one because I knew I'd be soaking off my nails later that day.

It's red; it's got hearts; it's cute; I like it. That's all I need to say about it.

Now.....I promise that's it. No more stinkin' hearts for awhile!  I just need to think of an idea for this evening after Seven goes back to her actual home. 

And then keep my eyes propped open long enough to do it.

Kleancolor Metallic Black, Kleancolor Metallic Red, DRK Themes Enlaced roses Valentine stamp


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dave. I'm sick of hearts; how about you? lol

  2. Umm why don't you get booties for your little doggies. Poor babies

    1. I actually did try the booties before, and she wouldn't walk at all in those. Luckily
      it's rare that it's ever as bad as it was the other morning.

  3. Oh and as usual the design is awesome