Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Evidently winter is not over. Once we don't get any fresh snow for awhile, it's so easy to delude myself into thinking spring is almost here. As usual, I was wrong. We got at least a couple of inches last night and another few inches is expected. I did luck out because Kev is home. I'm guessing since his car is in the shop right now the neighbor must have assumed I'm here alone because once again he plowed the entire driveway. Nice!!

While we were in Illinois I managed to have my other thumb nail pop off for no apparent reason, and yesterday at work my right index nail came off. WTF. They have only been on for a week so I have no clue what the hell I did wrong this time around. 

Today I was picking up some clothes to put away and felt my left index nail go. Seriously! So I had to make the decision of either gluing it back on or just doing a total soakoff.

I went with the soak and reapplication. I really hope I have better luck this time because I cannot figure out where these loose nails are coming from. Maybe I just was trying to go too fast and didn't use enough glue last week. I really took my time today so I'm hoping for the best. 

I took the time to do nails last night, figuring I'd knock out another Valentine themed mani. I just grabbed one of the polishes I bought in Illinois, China Glaze More to Explore.
China Glaze More to Explore, Konad white, DRK-A stamp, heart,  Valentine mani
For the hearts I used an image from the DRK-A stamping plate and Konad white.

This one is cute. I really love that color, and I have always liked this heart pattern. I didn't find it as cute when it was just a single index nail lying on the bed.  I would have worn it for another day if I hadn't decided to remove my nails.

Now I'm typing this with nekkid Custom Nails wondering what I want to do. I can pretty much guarantee it won't have hearts because I've just about hearted myself out. 

In the meantime, while I ponder, I'll just eat some cinnamon hard candy and watch a 3 episode marathon of Gotham. 

I know. You are totes jealous of the ever-so-exciting life I lead.


  1. LMAO You are too funny... You're my daily dose of laughter. Mani's super cute too.

    1. Thanks for the nice words! I appreciate it a TON!

  2. I had the same luck with my nails the week too. They were about your length and I just had to hack them. I don't think they like being that long.