Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Today after work, I watched my cute red Alero drive away for the last time. I'm happy for the young lady that bought it, and she was super excited about it. When we were messaging early this afternoon she said she was considering taking a nap so the time would go by faster.

So she's happy, and I'm sad. I really will miss that car, especially when (if) summer ever gets here. I like driving an SUV in the winter, but I loved having a smaller car when it's nice out. I'm assuming I'll like my Outback in the summer since it has a moon roof just like the Alero. I'm just going to convince myself of that.

Oooo, I got my Macy's card in the mail today, too! When we were in Illinois shopping, I decided to sign up at checkout because it saved me an extra 20% off everything I bought. After she finished ringing up my rather ginormous sale, she told me that not only did I get the 20% off that day, she said when my statement came I'd be getting an additional 20% off. As soon as the card came I set up my account online, and sure enough, an additional $68 was taken off the bill. Super sweet!! Definitely worth getting the card that I'll probably never use.

I'm so tired of this weather. It's just cold and wintery and gloomy, and I am over it. Well, I was never under it, but at this point I would be thrilled to just have some 30 degree weather. That'll practically be shorts weather.

Last night I decided to do a mani that reflects the mood of the weather.
Julep Winter, Julep Janae, MoYou Fashionista 04 stamp
I actually forget to use grey polish. It's the only color I keep on that fantabulous polish rack that Cara from Fox Claws made. Somehow even though it's hanging right there above my Helmers, I just never think to grab a polish off of it.

But last night I did. I even used one with an appropriate name, Julep Winter, which is the light base. Julep Janae is the darker grey I used with the MoYou Fashionista 04 plate.

Speaking of stamping plates, I got an email from Bundle Monster today advertising their new XL designs. I didn't think I'd be interested, but then I made the mistake of looking at them. I had to buy two of the three sets, and I'm excited about it. They are larger versions of earlier designs. 

I'm going to be happy to get them because I have most of these designs on the original round plates. I bought them from Amazon way back when I first started doing my nails, and I can't use any of those because the images are way too small. So many of them I really love and wanted to use but couldn't, and now I'll be able to.

I guess it didn't take me long to spend that extra Macy's savings. It did make me feel less guilty about buying them, though.


  1. 50....Shades of grey? HEHEHEHEHE

    1. Figures it would be you to throw that reference in there. I haven't read the book or seen
      the movie. I'll watch the movie when it eventually shows up on HBO or Showtime. I sure
      have seen a whole lot of uproar online about it, though! Yikers! Peeps be pissed!

  2. I was sad when I sold my car too, so I totally understand you! I'm totally over this weather too, I wish for summer, sunshine and warmth ;)
    I love your nails, the base Julep is really pretty!

    ( http://nyxsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ )

    1. Finally someone not making fun of me about the car thing!! Thank you!!
      Summer has to show up eventually, right??