Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Oh, what a great time we had for the past five days! It's always fun to visit with Tyler's adorable little fam. Good eats, good shopping, good company and just good times in general. I love it there....I'd move there if we could.

Nobody told Griffin we were coming, and the look on his face was pretty priceless when we walked in the door. I love doing that. Not much better than the excitement of a 4 year old.  Zero was also very excited to see us. Especially me. For once there's a dog that seems to like me best. Even Tyler says he's obsessed with me, and oh, lordie, is he ever cute!! I had lots of fun smooching on him.

The first night we ordered sushi, which was fantastic. There is no place in Esky to get sushi so we always have it when we go someplace that does. The other nights we had home-cooked meals, and since both Tyler and Bob are great cooks, that worked out well.

One thing about me, when I go out of town, I am not afraid to shop it up. I hit up Sally Beauty to replenish my supply of non-acetone and throughout the trip I only bought three nail polishes. That's pretty well-behaved for me, but TJ Maxx had nothing good at all this time around. Throughout the weekend I did manage to score 4 new pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, a pair of cropped jeans and 6 shirts. Tyler and I even managed to find Kev 2 pairs of jeans that he liked and kept. He's pretty fussy about jeans, so I was really happy we found some.

On Sunday we took Griffin to Legoland. OMG! That place is amazing!!! Here's a sampling.

The Chicago stuff went on for quite awhile, showcasing a lot of the downtown area.  That tiger was just one of several, and they also had tons of other animals. It was better than a real zoo!! They have several other sections to visit as well as a store. I knew we'd have to buy Griffin a little something because he loves Legos, and he really wanted the firehouse. When Tyler and I headed out to Target Sunday night, Bob and Kev put it together, but they saved the helicopter for me to do. It is so much fun building that stuff!
After Griff left for preschool yesterday, it was time to head back home. Tyler sent me this next pic while we were still driving. She said Griffin got all posed with Zero and told her to take the picture and send it to us because it's "soooo cute". That kid cracks me up. Of course, he's not wrong. It is soooo cute!
I really did think I'd sneak in a blog post while we were gone, but we just ended up busier than I thought we'd be. And that's why I had done so many the previous weekend.
Sinful Colors Amethyst, Essie Nothing Else Metals, DRK-D stamp, Valentine
First up a purple one because it's purple week in the nail group. This is Sinful Colors Amethyst stamped with Essie Nothing Else Metals and the DRK-D plate. This Essie is actually kind of a lighter purple, but for some reason it looks more silver here.

I rather liked how this one came out. Of course I only did one hand since I was doing multiple mani's that day, but I wish I had actually worn this one for a day. Both hands.

I do still have a couple of others to show. I might even manage to post one a day until the "holiday" is over.

As I close this out, I'm pondering the title of this post and wondering how many of you remember the old-time ad; "VD, is for everybody....not just for a few" (sing along with me if you remember it, peeps!)

Now that's stuck in my head.  Which, for the record, is better than a Taylor Swift song in my brain.



  1. Am I too old to go to Legoland? Beautiful mani :-)

    1. Never too old for Legoland...it's awesome!!