Thursday, February 5, 2015


Dang it all to hell. I don't have time for this nonsense. I was all set to leave for work this morning, and as I tried to zip my coat, my damn left thumbnail popped off. I just applied them the other day and used the replacement nail I got last week.

I should have known better. It seems the first couple of times I use a new nail, I get some pop off troubles. Since there was no way in hell I'd be going anywhere with a naked finger, I hurried up and grabbed my glue and stuck it back on.

And now I'm sitting here at work looking at it, and I applied it a little bit crooked. Way to go, genius. Now I'm going to have to waste time when I get home at noon to soak it off properly, reapply it and then paint and stamp it so it matches the rest of them. Since I'll be in Illinois until Monday night, I highly doubt I'll have time to mess with them until at least Tuesday. 

Hopefully Kev won't be super annoyed that I'm slowing us down. Sheesh. 

All day yesterday I pondered what I'd want to look at for that many days. Of course that led me to doing something multi-chromey. Then I don't get so bored.
Parrot Polish Arco Iris, LLC-B stamp
I'm completely kicking myself for not taking pics of this before I mucked it up with a stamp, but I just had other things to do. In fact, I didn't even realize what brand I had grabbed. It was a square bottle so I assumed it was Square Hue. Turns out it's Parrot Polish Arco Iris, and I'm really mad at myself for not realizing it.  The stamp design is from the Llarowe LLC-B plate.

 And now we are in the road, nail not redone. I tried to pry it off, and that sucker wouldn't budge! I guess they only come off when they make that decision on their own.

 I guess I'll just hope it stays put!

It is not easy finishing a blog post in a car from my phone. Just sayin`.


  1. I usally soak my new ones in acetone and do the normal cleaning process before applying them. New ones seem to pop off more and it helps a bit. Guess they need a little "breaking in", like shoes.