Friday, February 20, 2015


It has been an interesting couple of days here. Charter was here when I got home from work yesterday setting us up with cable and our new Tivo box. As usual, we got the workers that didn't really know how to connect things up with Tivo. We had Tivo years ago and really liked it. We've been swearing at DirecTv every damn day for the past couple of years. We only got it in the first place because their dvr recorded more shows at a time, and it was cheaper than cable.

Finally last week after not being able to watch a few of our fave shows due to the pixelating and pausing that happens every day, it occurred to me that maybe we should just go back to cable and look into getting Tivo again.  I looked at the Tivo website and once I discovered they have a box that will record 6 things at once, I told Kev to start looking at our options.

By the end of the next day it was decided. Ditch DirecTv and go back to Charter. Add on Tivo. Discover that monthly it's going to be something like $60 cheaper right now and will only go up $20 in a couple of years. Say whaaaa??  Why did it take me so long to think of Tivo??  

So now everything is installed, and I have to watch everything that's on my DirecTv dvr so we can send it back. And bonus, we get to keep the satellite dish. Why is that? What the hell am I supposed to do with a spare satellite dish? I guess we'll keep it as a decoration to cover the holes in the roof where it's installed. Cute.

When I went to bed at 2 a.m. last night, it was 24 below zero outside. In this cold I've been keeping the water running in the kitchen and the spare bathroom 24/7. It was running when I went to bed.

At 8 a.m., the phone rings. I'm swearing as I get up, wondering who the jerkoff is that's calling me so early. Well, it was Kevin, who got up at 4 a.m. to go to work. He was calling to tell me the pipes were frozen. At that point I was in shock. That means sometime in a 2 hour time span, the pipes froze even with the water running. That is crazy! As we're talking, he asks me to do him a "favor" and run outside to the side of the house where the crawlspace is. Evidently when the cable guys were here they had to go under the house. 

And the bricks that cover that area didn't get put back, so all of the pipes had nothing blocking all that cold from getting to them. So that's fantastic. I put a call in to a couple of plumbers and the one I reached said they were swamped but would be out between 11 and 2. 

Then I wander into the living room and find the bag from the party size bag of Hershey Kisses laying on the living room floor.  Empty.  Rut-roh. I had them out last night and was chomping on them while waching tv and went to bed, leaving it on the end table. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, but I guess when Kev left for work, Baylee got pissed and decided to be bad.

So now it's semi-panic time because I have an 80 lb. Lab who has eaten probably 20 oz. of chocolate. She was acting fine, but I called the vet just to ask advice. They told me to give her peroxide and make her puke. I gave her peroxide, and the idiot wouldn't puke. In the meantime, she's still acting fine. I waited a couple of hours and did the peroxide thing again, and she finally threw up. The only thing it accomplished was proving she was the guilty party because I found a wrapper. She then made several trips outside to dispose of her gourmet breakfast from the end opposite of where it went in.

She's fine, thank God. As usual, it caused me more stress than it caused her. 

In the middle of all this, the water came back on as I was talking to the second plumber who had called me back after getting my message from 8:30. So after telling him I didn't need him, I then called the other guy to cancel.

Overall, the morning was eventful, but everything turned out fine. Needless to say the water will be running at a little bit bigger trickle when I go to bed tonight, although it isn't suppose to be nearly as cold as last night. I ain't risking it.

Here's my mani from yesterday.
Nfu Oh 65, China Glaze Take a Trek, Darling Diva Queen of the Night, gradient, Essie No Place Like Chrome, LeaLac LLC-A stamp
I friggin' love this one. All three of the blues are holo although they really don't show it much. The lighest blue is Nfu Oh 65, the mid blue is China Glaze Take a Trek, and the navy is Darling Diva Queen of the Night. Buy Queen of the Night. Immediately. As a matter of fact, go buy a bunch of their polish. It is amazing.

Of course I couldn't just leave it alone, so I stamped on it with Essie No Place Like Chrome with the LeaLac LLC-A plate.

Did I mention I love this one? I'm still wearing it, although I am considering taking it off to play. Or maybe I'll just keep looking at it until Sunday when I'll need to do something else before going to work on Monday.

Now I'm going to marathon watch some more television. I've been trying to watch while typing this, but it isn't working. I've rewound the show 5 times now because I'm not paying attention to it.  

I wish I had some Hershey Kisses to nibble.