Thursday, January 29, 2015


Well, not the best start to the weekend. I got home from work and found it was only 63 degrees in the house. That's not cool! Actually it was cool, just not the kind of cool I want in January.

I managed to get in touch with my furnace guy, and I decided I'd start cleaning so I'd stay warm. It was also at that point I realized I didn't have enough dog food to make it until Kev gets home on Monday. Dammit. That meant I had to go back into town.

After I did that, I got to cleaning. It did help me stay warm, but the repairman got here after about an hour so that wasn't too bad. He reset whatever it was that needed resetting and told me I needed to put in a new filter. Fantastic. That meant I had to leave the house and go back into town again! Once I did that, I finally managed to get the house clean and shiny, but it took me until 6 p.m. instead of the usual 3 p.m. Annoying.

It's also annoying when I keep attempting things on my nails that just aren't working.  A few months ago I had tried using foils on top of stamping with only "minor" success, which to me is a fail even though people liked it.

Now some little stinker over in one of the nail groups did it, and for her it works perfectly. She did a video which shows exactly how I'd been doing it. Only difference in it is the fact that it works for her. How is that even fair?

So last night I was determined to try it again. I had the same troubles I had last time, and I finally said screw it and gave up. Again. It's even more frustrating now that everybody else is doing it successfully. 

Once I gave up that left me with about 30 minutes to figure out what else to do.
China Glaze Deviantly Daring, Essie No Place Like Chrome, MoYou Fashionista 04 stamp
I did this quick and didn't bother to redo any that weren't centered very well. I actually really like this. The blue/green is China Glaze Deviantly Daring. It's underrated, IMHO. I think I've only ever used it in marbling way back when because I don't remember ever just polishing with it. It's super pretty.

I just grabbed Essie No Place Like Chrome for the design, which is from the MoYou Fashionista 04 plate.

Like I said, I like it. It's dark enough that it's covering the beginnings of the gap at my cuticle line, so that's a plus. It seems like it's too soon for a soak off, but I guess that might be something I have to accomplish this weekend at some point.

Maybe I'll fight with the foils some more in the next day or two. Based on what I'm seeing in the groups and all over Pinterest, I guess it's time to consider throwing on something Valentine-ish, too. What a useless pretend holiday. 

On a brighter note, I did find some Peeps today!! I scored myself 6 boxes of Easter Peeps. It might be too early for Easter candy, but I'm pretty happy about it. 

I just polished off 6 an entire row of those cute yellow chickies. I'm pretty sure the rest of that box will be gone before the end of the night.



  1. Remember that combination of colors. It's gorgeous.

  2. You are so damn funny. Sorry about your bad day bit these ate awesome as per usual. Foil over stamping. I foil but had never heard of it over the stamping. Stamping on top of foil yes.

    1. Hey, at least the bad part of the day is over! lol
      I've never stamped over foil. That's something else I need to try.
      I did a post in November about the foil on stamping. Not so great.

  3. I hate auto correct. It's supposed to be but not bit and are not ate

    1. I hate autocorrect, too. It's more trouble than it's worth most of the time. lol

  4. Nice mani!!! <3 Ugh on the heat going out and the extra trips to town... it's all good! :) Yuck on the peeps! You can have my share! hahaha <3

    1. At least I don't have to leave the house again until Monday. And don't worry, I will for sure eat enough Peeps
      to cover you. ;)