Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Looks like my work life is changing again starting next week.  At first the idea didn't appeal when bossman asked if I wanted to work extra hours on Thursdays. Right now I've only been working mornings. It sounded lame. I've liked having Thursday afternoons off because it extended the weekend.

I've also been off all day on Wednesdays since I went back to work. After thinking about it for 3.2 seconds, I told him I'd work all day Wednesdays instead of working on Thursday afternoon. So now I only work Monday through Wednesday, and I get to have full four day weekends. So a bit of an increase in my paycheck. Sweetness.

I took today off because we're heading off to Milwaukee to meet up with my fave pilot friend to go to a Barry Manilow concert. I don't  personally know many 40 something males that are Fanilows, but I know one now. I've had the pleasure of seeing Manilow twice in the past.

Stop laughing at me. Right now!

I must admit I was pretty amused when Pruett texted me about the concert. Of course, he always amuses me. He tends to drunk text me when Kev goes off to meet up with him for drunken shenanigans.  I think he's more excited about the concert than I am. And say what you want and make fun of Barry all you want, but the man can really sing, puts on a good show, and I pretty much love all those songs from the 70's.

That meant I had to put something on my nails that I could live with for a couple days.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, China Glaze Admire, Ali Express AP-10 stamp
The base is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark matte, and I stamped with China Glaze Admire, which is a frosty pink that just happens to stamp really well. I used the Ali Express AP-10 stamping plate for the design.

This looks much better in person, and even though I took at least 15 pictures, I just couldn't capture it well enough to satisfy me.

Oh, shitballs. The Graham luck strikes again. Pruett just texted us to let us know the concert is now postponed until March 2nd. Evidently Barry is not feeling well and has doctor's orders to be off for the week. Of course Kev can't go then, and I really shouldn't ask for another day off since it would be the third time this month.

Now I'm not sure what we're going to do now. We could still go and just drink and hang out, or I could stay home and just let Kev go off for their usual drunken shenanigans.

Color me super pissed off.


  1. Have fun at the concert, and I really like your nails :D

  2. Wow! The mani is gorgeous!!! Sucks that the concert isn't going to work out! :(

  3. You do such excellent work Diane!!!!!