Monday, January 26, 2015


Have I mentioned recently that I hate Mondays? If not, let it be known; I hate Mondays.

It was such an uneventful weekend I don't have anything to either whine or woo-hoo about. I'm a boring soul.

I stared at my left hand for two days while pondering what to do about that turquoise mani. Leave it on? Take it off? It actually was starting to get on my nerves that I couldn't decide.

Suddenly yesterday afternoon I decided I was kind of tired of it, so off I went to grab a bunch of polish, striping tape and the new plates I got from Ali Express.
China Glaze Agent Lavender, American Apparel Mount Royal, Ali Express AP 21 stamp
When I ordered them, I was a little concerned about the size of the designs, but I figured I'd give it a shot because they weren't super expensive. They are the round plates that are a little bit bigger than Konad, and a lot of them have designs that fill up 1/4th of the plate. I figured those images would be big enough, and I was right. This is the set, and I chose 12 of the 25.

Pardon the yellow hands, but it's what I apparently have to do in order to show something even resembling the China Glaze Agent Lavender and American Apparel Mount Royal that I used for this one.  The stamp is from the AP 21 plate, although I did see that other sellers have the same plates but with different numbers. Weirdsville.

While I do like the design, I wish I had used different colors.

Actually, what I really wish is that the striping tape mani that I started would have been turning out like it did in my head. I tried a couple of different things and then gave up. Sometimes I just don't have the patience to mess with striping tape. Maybe if I'd started earlier in the day I would have continued on with it. I should know better by now that to do stuff like that I need to play on a Saturday. That way if I get frustrated and only get part way done, I have Sunday to wrap it up.

Honestly, what I really wanted to do was a water marble but didn't want to bore anyone with yet another of those. 

It's still stuck in my head, though, so that might be what you end up seeing at some point this week, possibly tomorrow.

Looking down at my fingers as I type, I really wish I would have stuck with the turquoise. Someday I'll have to do that again, actually do both hands and then actually leave the house with it.

I think a lot of my mani's kind of go to waste now that I only work part-time. Well, other than the fact that I plaster them all over the interwebs.

Nobody appreciates them in real life like my interwebs nail peeps do anyway, which is why I appreciate all of you!


  1. Colors are good...stamp is good!! And you're right... we LOVE your manis...and appreciate them!!

    1. People are going to think I pay you. LOL

  2. Me likey! I hear you on the lack of RL audience! Nobody but the hubs sees most of my manis IRL & he's so used to the frequently changing colors/patterns that unless I ask him to look...he doesn't. I decided that I'd do my nails for ME & share them with the blogosphere. If nobody IRL notices, that's okay. I didn't do it for them anyway. LOL

    1. When it comes right down to it, we really do it for ourselves. I'm still not sure how I got sucked in so far with all this nail stuff. lol

    2. Because it's FUN! Hair & face paint are fun too, but we can look at our beautiful nails at any time & still get things done. LOL

    3. Well, except for the time we use up doing those nails. LOL

  3. I don't know how I missed this post, I like 'em.