Monday, January 19, 2015


This past weekend was puppy-filled. Razzie got dropped off Friday evening. He is such a sweetheart and is as big as his momma now. He's a big boy already and has ginormous feet, so I expect he's going to be quite a bit bigger than Tinlee.

On Saturday evening his sister came over to visit, too. They rough-housed nonstop for over 3 hours. I was exhausted just from watching them.

Once Razzie went on his tail wagging way back home, I sadly sat down to take off that purdy water marble. It did not make me very happy to do so. Even after having it on for days, it still didn't have any wear on it, and I seriously was not tired of looking at it. 

I got a super cute new hoodie last week from my favorite eBay clothes seller. It's a solid off-white but has a tribal print at the very bottom of the sleeves and inside the hood. I figured I'd try to do something to match that.

Since Martha commented that she wanted to see the shirt (I just knew she was going to pull that), I decided to add this pic. In person, the colors match my nails almost exactly.
 Essie Case Study, Square Hue Iron Horse, Square Hue Scorched Summer, DRK-D tribal stamp
I used Essie Case Study as my lighter base and then used Square Hue Iron Horse and Scorched Summer to do the stamp from the DRK-D stamp.  As is often the case when I stamp something with lines, it's friggin' crooked. I was too lazy to try to redo it.


It's funny how something that is so cute on the shirt is not so cute on the nail. It's actually a really good match to the shirt, but sometimes things just don't translate the way I want them to. I'm thinking I'll ditch this one tonight because I really don't like it.

I have a feeling it might be awhile before I'm happy with a mani after that dang water marble. I've set the bar way too high for myself.


  1. Agreed. This one would be "meh" in any event, but after that last water marble, now it's not even up to "meh" standards. Sorry, I promised I would tell you the truth.

    1. I like truth. Gotta' call it like we see it! LOL

  2. While it doesn't equal the water marble, this one isn't all that bad!!! I would love to see it next to the sweatshirt!!! I do like the colors!!!!!! :) Puppy stuff sounds FUN FUN FUN!!!

    1. Puppy stuff was fun!!
      I added a pic of the shirt just for you. LOL