Thursday, January 22, 2015


Going to be short, but I wanted to at least throw a mani out here.  With over 500 new FB page likes and over 100 new Instagram followers in the past 8 days, I really want to try and post more. 

I'm still not feeling great, but Tuesday I got my new DRK Themes  Enlaced plate. It's a beauty, and I just had to hurry up and use it Tuesday night.
CQ Gem Green, DRK Themes Enlaced stamp
Sometimes it's so hard to choose a color!! I try to not repeat myself, but even with all that polish in the other room, it still isn't easy.

This CQ Gem Green has a really pretty shimmer to it that of course does not show up here.  I used DRK's black stamping polish for the lace design. I'm very pleased with the stamping polish, and I thought it was pretty reasonably priced at only 3 bucks.

The house is all cleaned, so my weekend has officially started. Kev leaves tomorrow and with his upcoming flight schedule and stopping to watch the Super Bowl with some family downstate, I won't see him until February. 

Sometimes being married to a pilot is like being single but without all the single life shenanigans and tomfoolery.

I prefer married.