Wednesday, January 14, 2015


People are crazy. I'm about 2 days away from being the person that says, "back in my day, we had to walk 10 miles to school, uphill both ways in 30 below zero weather."

One of my friends posted that her child goes to school where the kids are not allowed to play in the snow. Seriously?? I'm talking a little kid. I don't even think he's in first grade yet. In my day we were allowed to play in the snow at recess. Evidently they are concerned about snowball throwing. Whatever. Hey, teach, here's an idea. Stand outside and monitor the damn children like my teachers did. It's called playground supervision. Look it up. Do it.

Then another friend posted a story where in Idaho some 9 year old had an actual warrant issued for his arrest and he spent 3 days in custody.  His horrendous crime? He tried to steal a pack of gum.  That's read that right. Chewing gum.

I guess things in Idaho are normally so perfect that they spend their time and money chasing down those thug gum thieves. You know, that whole gum thievery is a gateway crime, leading to being a gun-wielding drug kingpin who murders innocent bystanders during their drive-by shootings.

Back in my day (see what I mean?), one of the common punishments for such a major crime was marching the kid's ass back to the store to either return it if it hasn't been chewed, pay for it, and most importantly feel the humiliation of having to confess and apologize.  Back in my day (see? I did it again), having to do that was the worst thing ever!! A good old fashioned spanking could also do wonders, but of course no child from the 50's, 60's or 70's would ever think of calling child protective services over a spanking.

I'm very happy I was raised when I was which also made me raise my children the way I did. What is going on now with the way children are raised makes me want to hurl.

Hang on while I get down off my soapbox. There.

I did this manicure the other night. I don't like it.
Square Hue Gibson Girl, Julep Shenae, LLC-B stamp
I do like the pink, Square Hue Gibson Girl. It came in my January Square Hue box. I love Square Hue. They send me three polishes every month, and they are always a surprise because they don't show you ahead of time what you're getting. While this may seem like a risky prospect, I've been a member for over a year and have been happy every month.

Right now it appears they are doing sign-up for $14.99 a month plus shipping. When I signed up I got in on it while they had a special going where mine is staying at  $14.99 a month with free shipping. You can take a break and suspend your account whenever you want and then just restart it when you want. 

Martha over at Polish Makes Me Happy does fantastic swatches of polishes and usually does theirs. Her blog is brand spankin' new, but she also has a Facebook page by the same name, and you really should go check it out. Her pics are fantabulous.

Another great thing about Square Hue is the fact that they donate a portion of proceeds to charities every month. Right now it's funding against human trafficking. Their polish is also Made in the USA.

Back to the mani. The stamp I used on this is on the LLC-B plate, and I used Julep Shenae to do it. 

I'm just not super thrilled with this one. I think I might have liked it better if I'd stamped with black. Too late now!

Hopefully today I will get to that water marble that's in my head. I've been pondering it for a couple of days now and already know what colors I want to use.  It's super pretty in my head. 

Hopefully it will also be super pretty on my fingers.


  1. Awww, thank you, Diane for the plug!! I'm still so new to this blogging, I've only done one post! haha And I just want to echo everything you said about some of the trends in raising kids these days... Ack! Scary thought, how those kids will grow into adults!!! Ack!

    As for the mani... I'm just going to agree with you this time. I don't like it. :( But, I do love Square Hue polishes! :)

    1. I know you just had the one post, but your FB page is da' bomb!
      And I'm glad for once you agree with me. ;)