Monday, January 12, 2015


Oh, and a happy Monday to me. I woke up with a huge headache, and then I got to work and immediately got cranky about a case. That should have warned me about how the day was going to go.

I went home at lunchtime and was in the living room when I heard a big noise outside, and the dogs started barking like maniacs. So I look out the front window to discover an SUV buried in my front yard. Right through the mailbox, which is now laying in pieces in the snow.

This isn't the first time this has happened, but it hasn't for the past couple of years. Why people don't have brains enough to slow down on the curve on a snow-covered street completely baffles me. So as I'm fuming from that, it's time to come back to work. I see that the guy is walking up my driveway, so at least he isn't hitting and running. Not that he could run since his car is completely stuck.

So he comes up to talk to me. He is super apologetic and nice. He asked to borrow a shovel, so I tell him where one is that he can use. Poor guy has no gloves, so I tell him I'll let him use a pair and to just toss them in the garage when he's done. He gives me his name and number and tells me he lives in Marquette and of course he'll pay to fix it. Great. So that means he isn't local and will not be around to rig up my mailbox somehow.

So now I won't get mail. Kev isn't home, so that screws that. I guess I'll call the post office to see if they'll hold my mail so I can go there to pick it up. Pain in the ass, but I simply hate not getting mail. I heart mail.

As I'm standing talking to the guy, I glance over at the passenger side of my Outback. Hmmm....what's that on the rear quarter panel. Dirt? Let me just rub that with my glove. Not dirt. A mother-*!@*ing DING. On my brand new car. 

Isn't that just fantastic? I guess some random *!@*tard in some random parking lot must have hit it with a car door or a shopping cart. It looks to me like it went all the way through the paint, too, so to say that I'm pissed would pretty much be the understatement of the century. I've only had it for 3 months. I'm fuming. It's either that or cry, and since I'm at work, I'm fuming. I might cry later.

Deep breath.

Last night I did finally motivate and soak off my nails. I was happy it was done, but it screwed my plan of doing a water marble since I had to keep my hands out of water for 3 hours. So I did this instead.
Square Hue Lincoln Road, Orly Liquid Vinyl, Sinful Colors Outrages and Wisp, dotting tool dry marble
I started off with a grey base using Square Hue Lincoln Road and did the swirlies using Orly Liquid Vinyl, Sinful Colors Rages and Wisp. I just used a dotting tool to swish 'em around.

I really like how this turned out. I've always been a fan of pink and grey together, and my only criticism would be that I wish I had carried it closer to the cuticle line on my index and middle fingers.

All in all, a success. It didn't satisfy my desire to do a real water marble, though, so maybe I'll do that tonight. 

Of course, considering how the day is going, maybe I should not open any polish or polish remover bottles.

With my luck, I'll knock them over and the only thing painted will be my carpeting.


  1. Look at it this way, you have been "pre-disastered" for the rest of the day. Or, at least I hope so. Love the mani, it's super cute.

    1. But I didn't want to be disastered at all!! :P

    2. I know. Too bad you couldn't hear the almost sympathetic sound of my voice.

    3. "Almost" sympathetic?? Man, I expect more from you than that. Color me saddy-pants now.

  2. Sorry you're having a day like that it sounds awful but at least your nails are pretty and at least it sounds like the guy that hit your mailbox was a decent fellow and is willing to pay for the damages! I hope your day gets better :)

    1. Thanks, LL! And we'll see if he pays. It's not like I'm going to chase him down, but hopefully he's as honest as he seemed.

  3. How could I not click on this post with a title like that? LOL. We had someone plow through our yard, hit our big garbage can and almost hit our mailbox. The only justice is that the drunk jerk left a piece of his/her bumper behind. Take that, jerk! Anyway, I do love your mani!

    1. Oh, man!! I wish he had left a piece of his car behind. I'm assuming he had damage. I just couldn't see it since the whole front end was in a snowbank. lol