Friday, January 16, 2015


It's Friday, and for the most part, I'm a happy camper. Razzie will be here in a couple of hours because I get to puppysit for the weekend. I'm betting he's probably as tall as his mom now. It's also a good thing he has been neutered because Tinlee came into season 2 days ago. I'm hoping it won't be much of an issue. Hopefully he's too young or dumb to take note.

I even picked up a few new toys for the occasion. Whether those toys will survive through the weekend is doubtful, but I hope they have fun with them. At least until I blink and find them in pieces throughout the living room and the carpeting covered in white stuffing.
A few nights ago I couldn't make up my mind on a mani so I just kind of grabbed for the first thing my eye caught.
Revlon Beguile, Essie No Place Like Chrome, LLC-A stamp
This Revlon Beguile is a really nice, dark teal. I like doing silver over dark blues so I used Essie No Place Like Chrome. After it was done I regretted using the LLC-A design. Even though I happen to love that stamp, it just covered up the blue way too much. That deep blue kind of deserves to be seen.

So, while it's for sure not a fail, it didn't exactly make me happy. I took it off after a day, which in hindsight was stupid because after this I did that hideous pink one. LOL

As of now I'm still rocking that water marble that seems to have been a pretty big success, at least according to Instagram, Pinterest and my Facebook page. Whether I get to do nails again before Sunday night remains to be seen. It depends on how long Razzie's naps are.

Playing with a puppy trumps doing nails. Every time.


  1. Nice!! Love the mani! Have fun with Razzie!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, bratly. Razzie is keeping me busy!

  2. I love, love, love this mani!!!! The colors and the stamp. That is a beautiful teal though.
    I was just a llarowe's site and noticed they got the 2 plates in stock. I was going to order them, but shipping just kills it for me.

    1. I saw that Llarowe had them back in stock. I thought they were coming out with new ones, but I guess that isn't happening right now. I'm bummed. I hate paying for plates, in general, but there are some I just have to have even though I think they are all overpriced.