Friday, January 23, 2015


For those that may not know me here, I've worn my Custom Nail Solutions nails every single day since May of 2012. I've had different lengths at different times, but if something were to happen where I couldn't wear them.....

Let's just say I wouldn't leave the house without gloves on.

So just imagine my horror when, as I was driving on Wednesday afternoon, I ran my index finger of my left hand over the thumb nail next to it and felt a CHIP!!  Oh, hellz to the no. This simply can't be happening. I damn near pulled over to see if I was imagining things.

It wasn't chipped when I painted them the night before, and it wasn't chipped after I showered and made myself presentable to be seen in public. So at some point between noon and 4 p.m. I chipped a nail. I wasn't even doing anything.  

I couldn't get to my computer fast enough. I needed to email the company to have them send me a new one per their guarantee. Before doing that, I checked what the procedure was and it said I'd have to send the broken nail to them. Oh, I do not think so. I took pics and attached them to the email and told them I was keeping it. I filed it down past the chip so I can keep wearing it until the new one comes. 

They emailed me back right away the next morning, and I'm happy to report that they are fine with that. They'll be sending me a replacement. I'll give them a big A+ for how quickly they responded. Rumor has it the pink material for the nails is on backorder, but I'm in no hurry. Nobody but me would ever know my thumb nail is shorter.


I thought I'd try something a little different than I would usually do the other night. I have mixed feelings on this one. In person, this polish is more purple, but for some reason it wouldn't photograph, not even in the bathroom where I usually have to photograph purples.
ILNP Cygnus Loop Holo, OPI DS Sapphire, Ali Express 12-51 stamp
I wasn't sure how this would go as far as stamping with a holo over holo. The base is a really pretty one from ILNP, Cygnus Loop, the holo version.
ILNP Cygnus Loop Holo, OPI DS Sapphire, Ali Express 12-51 holo stamp
My goal for the stamping was to use a silver holo, but my only true silver holo is an Nfu Oh, and from past attempts I knew that it doesn't work at all for stamping.
ILNP Cygnus Loop Holo, OPI DS Sapphire, Ali Express 12-51 holo stamp
After digging through the Helmers, I decided to try OPI DS Sapphire, which is more of a silver with a hint of blue.

The pattern from the Ali Express 12-51 plate actually stamped really well, much better than can be seen in the pictures. What I could not do was topcoat. It made the stamp almost completely disappear. I decided to see how it would go leaving it without topcoat.

It didn't go particularly well. I put this mani on Tuesday night, and by yesterday the stamping was virtually invisible, especially on my left hand.

This is something I think I'll try again, but maybe next time I'll stamp dark over light. I'll also assume it won't be something I'll wear for very long.

Now I'm off to search the interwebs for inspiration. I'm kind of in the mood to play with my nails, and it's been awhile since I did more than one on a weekend.

Having the time to do it is nice; finding the ambition to actually start is where I'm running into a problem.

Or maybe I'll just take a nap first.


  1. Loving this look! I do love those dark colors!!!! :) Ugh on the chipped CNS!!! :(

    1. I still can't believe it chipped without me even knowing how/when it happened!!

  2. It is a subtle combination, but it's really pretty.