Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tonight's post won't have any fancy mani's...just some different views of my Custom Nail Solutions nails. 

So once I placed my order, I received an impression kit in the mail. My first job was to trim my nails and give myself a good manicure, pushing my cuticles back. I then took the putty that came with the kit and made an impression of each of my fingernails. Then I had to decide what style nails I wanted. I had such a hard time deciding on length! I finally decided on the active length which is 2mm past the tip of my finger. I also knew I wanted to go with a french tip. Closed the molds and popped them back in the box so UPS could deliver them back to their offices in Texas. Waiting for my nails was pure torture!! I was so excited to get them! I think it took under 2 weeks; it just felt like forever. When my nails arrived, I could hardly contain myself. I seriously just stared at them for probably an hour. I watched the instructional video for the umpteenth time and finally worked up the courage to glue those suckers on. And this is what I ended up with.

I was pretty thrilled with these and wore them happily every single day until the fall, when I decided I had to have a longer set, the fashion length. And here's what those look like.
I fell completely in love with these! One thing I did find with this set is the fact that there is SO much white tip, sometimes using sheer polishes can be problematic as far as covering that up. What's that you say?? There's a solution for this problem?  Oh, that's right;  CNS also makes these nails in a plain pink color. Problem solved. Of course, if I'm getting a 3rd set, I certainly have to get their longest length this time, glamor. I also once again opted for square shaped even though they do make the other popular nail shapes. I'm just a fan of square. 
And here are the nails you now see in all of my pictures. My pink, square, glamor length nails. Pardon the dry looking skin in the pictures; anytime I'm taking photos of my nekkid nails, I have just soaked them off and reapplied, and I haven't used any cuticle or hand stuff yet.

Just a bit more info, and then I'll shut ma' mouth about these wonders. I can easily get 3 weeks of wear out of mine, but everybody is different. It just depends on how fast your real nails grow. Once the growout starts to annoy me at the cuticle line, I remove them. I haven't been without them for even one day since last May 5th, and I certainly don't foresee going without them. Ever. In 11 months, I have had 3 nails pop off; 1 when I slammed it...hard...on my car window. The other 2 times I was wrasslin' with the furbabies, and they were due to be removed and reapplied so it's possible they weren't on quite as solid.

So those are the nails that have helped drag me happily into the nail world. Without having these, I couldn't do anything I've been doing. These are wonderful to work on because they are always perfect. You can learn more at

Tomorrow I'll get back to posting something purdy. At least I hope you'll think so. :)


  1. Just posting to say holy cow, I have a blog account and didn't know it? LOL Love your blog, Queenie!

  2. I really like how they look so great all the time too!! Even my grandson noticed... my daughter is thinking about getting CNS too.

  3. I love that they look so natural and that they are custom made for each person. That really makes a difference in my opinion, because with gel or acrylic you're using tips that anchor on and when they break off there's a good chance of the natural nail ripping or tearing with that tip. With Custom Nail Solutions it's a full nail and it pops off rather then ripping off your natural nail like a gel or acrylic tip might. If I was suddenly unable to get my nails to grow I'd be next in line for some of these gorgeous nails. :) Thank you for the awesome post Diane! ♥

    1. They really are much better because they don't destroy your natural nails.

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  5. Surgical implant? OMG, that totes creeps me out if I think about it. I just picturing the old "bamboo shoots under the nails" torture.

  6. I thought of it a few days ago, in a moment of clear dissatisfaction with my "nail genes". So glad to have found out about CNS though. Yeah, I know, "ancient chinese torture" which is basically what some of us have endured on those countless trips to get the acrylics and fills.