Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's Thursday, and jeebus, I am exhausted!! I'm looking forward to my half day of work tomorrow; then off to Chi-Town we go. I'm not a fan of the 6 hours in the car, but thankfully the hubby drives. That, in case you're wondering, means nappy-nap time for me. Once we get there, we'll be going to my daughter's after which we are heading into the city to see funny man extraordinaire, Jim Gaffigan. Can't wait. He slays me. (Hot Pockets)

Not sure what I'm doing on the Custom nails, but I am considering a msmd butterfly mani I saw on Pinterest. That's assuming I'm awake enough to try something I haven't done before that will require some freehand work. Not really my strong suit. I just know I want something that I'm happy to live with until probably next Tuesday night. Damn, that is a long time for me to wear the same thing on my nails. Not gonna' lie; I don't like that much.

I didn't even decide to do my nails last night until almost 11:00. Idiot.  After all was said and done and put away, I went to get ready for bed and noticed that I had really messed up on my right ring finger. Well, "I" thought it was messed up. Nobody else probably would have even noticed.  It was already after 1 by the time I noticed it so I went to bed disgusted. After I was ready for work this morning, I took everything out again and redid it. Kind of redonk since I think besides family, only two people even saw my hands today. lol
This one was done specifically for Pamela H. who in a recent comment had said she wanted to see some more stamping with DRK-B over a holo. So here you go-go,'s your ho-lo. (That was so weak I should unfollow myself)

All in all, I rather like this one. I used OPI DS Sapphire for the base and then stamped with China Glaze Hologlam Strap on Your Moonboots. The China Glaze Hologlams stamp really well, and not all holo's do. Since I have 5 of these suckers, I'm betting I'll be using more of them for stamping. 

So that "might" be it for the week. I'm really hoping that I'll still be posting while we're out of town. I always bring my laptop and have a ton of pics from the past I can use; mabes I just won't talk (type) as much. Some of you might actually prefer that. ;)

And just because I can, this is some of my fave fam cuteness. My heart bursts.

If I don't see you, have a fantabulous weekend!! Please make sure to like Polish Sickness on FB, follow PolishSickness on Instagram and drag your friends kicking and screaming over here to follow me. I am officially a social media ho. *sigh*  


  1. OMG! Little man is growing up too fast! Love that last pic of him and Tinly ;) oh and I love your nails too!

  2. Cute grandson!! :) Cute golden!! :o) Love that OPI... really love that OPI!!! :)

  3. The face washing is cute as it can be! I normally do not love blue polish but this is beautiful.

  4. Lovely mani. Perfect.
    Love from India