Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Some of you may know that my left hand is semi-famous. Custom Nails has been using my photos for quite a few online beauty magazines and blogs.  I've also been used in two print beauty industry magazines, which I really find pretty damn cool
Today I got a message today from one of the PR peeps that they want me to do a few mani's for submission, and since I'm waiting to here what they need this time around, I'll have to show a manicure I did previously. I'm kinda saddy-pants about it, but hopefully tomorrow I'll get to show something that's actually new.
I do have to say, I  was very happy to take off the butterfly mani....having that on since last Thursday night was way too damn long for me. I'm sick of looking at it and don't even like it anymore.
So here's a framed mani I did back in February. 
For this I used OPI Moonraker and Revlon Iconic.  As much as I love my OPI's, I am a pretty big fan of the Revlon Colorstay, too. I have good luck with them, and they are killer for doing marbles. For my stamping I used my Konad plate M64.  None of the Konad designs are big enough to cover my entire nail, which is why I did the hand-framing around the edges. I do like how the frames look when I use a stamp, so I'm a fan of this one.
That'll do it for tonight!  I'm looking forward to hopefully showing you something new tomorrow. 
As always, thanks for peeking in and following! Now drag your other nail buddies over here to do the same, please? ;) 


  1. Love this! And congratulations on your magazines, etc., that is soooo awesome. You should be very proud:)

  2. Awesome for your left hand! I need to look at the butterfly mani. :) Love this mani too. You do have a very nice looking hand there. You have no cuticles! How do you do it??

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    2. My left hand is super happy and is constantly boasting to the right hand. *sigh*
      Sometimes my cuticles are a disaster from doing my nails too often. I have great luck just by trying to use cuticle cream or oil a couple of times a day and keeping them pushed back.