Sunday, April 14, 2013


Booo! The weekend is ova! I'm so damn tired! I was up until almost 4 a.m. both Friday and Saturday and still have a ton of tv I didn't get to on the dvr. As always, it went by way too fast.
My granddaughter Peyton's birthday party was a success. She was adorbs and seemed happy with her presents. It's always nice when the fam comes to visit.
I had the hardest time deciding what I wanted to do on my nails tonight. Some days are like that; nothing hits me and nothing I see as I wander around excites me, either. What I finally decided on was better in my head and really was not cooperating. I find gradients to be very frustrating most of the time, and today was no exception. In fact, after I finished doing my left hand I waited over an hour to do my right because I was seriously considering taking it off and doing something else. But since I had a hard time thinking of something in the first place, I had no brilliant idea waiting in the wings to take its place.
I went with a spring look. That, my friends, is strictly wishful thinking since it snowed here again today. Even Kev said something about it being "springlike", and I told him, "hope springs eternal". I am flippin' hilarious, am I not? ;)
Here we go!
Square Hue Yellow Submarine Orly Lift the Veil Sinful Colors Candy Coated Zoya Wednesday gradient DRK-A stamp

Once again, my photograph pisses me off. The purple looks blue. I got a light box with 2 lights but haven't played with it much. I tried using it once and failed. I kept getting shadows so I don't kow if I need different lights or what the hell the problem is. I need to take some time and try to figure that out. The darn purples are the only reason I even need a light box; my pictures in my kitchen take photos that are really very color accurate. 
Anywho, for this one I did a base of Sinful Colors white. The yellow is Square Hue Yellow Submarine, pink is Orly Lift the Veil, purple is Sinful Colors Candy Coated, and the green is Zoya Wednesday. I also just used the Sinful Colors white for my stamping with my trusty DRK=A plate. 
I love the look of gradients, but I hate doing them. They are probably the mani I find the most problematic. Every time I do them I try different methods but still haven't really found the one that makes it easy for me. For today's gradient, I tried a makeup sponge, then I tried an eyeshadow applicator and then finally ended up doing it with a small, soft eyeshadow brush. Pain.In.My.Ass.
The End. ;)  


  1. You can be way to hard on your self. This mani is wonderful. You totally captured the spring feel with the colors and flower stamping.

  2. Lol I just love how honest you are. You know I love to gradient and this is super lovely

    1. I hope people like the honesty and don't get offended by some of the things I may/probably say. I is who I is. lol

  3. Lol I just love how honest you are. You know I love to gradient and this is super lovely

  4. Love this gradient Diane! And the stamping, fabulous! I agree gradients are touch n go, but oh so pretty when you're done! :D

  5. This is beautiful! I love doing gradients, but for me the clean up is the worst! I usually paint my colors on a makeup sponge and roll it on...takes a few layers, and as I do it, the colors blends & builds up nicely. I really love how this turned out...tis perfect, and no worries about me taking offense, lol.....I'm too hard to shock!