Saturday, April 20, 2013


Before I even get started here, I want to post the link to a fab blog, the one where I got this mani from after seeing it on Pinterest.  heartNATShe's got a great blog, and you might want to check it out!

That being said, last night did not go quite as I had envisioned. Between playing with Griffin, Tyler having friends over and me giving the Griffster his bath, I didn't even get started on nails until almost 9:30. After removing yesterday's mani, I looked at my nails and decided I just had to soak them off....the growout was starting to bug me. Even using my Sonic Touch, it took just over an hour to do that. On to eating a snacky-snack, talking and more playing with Griff and then on to starting this manicure after 11:00 p.m. Once again....idiot!! This one ended up taking longer than I had planned.

Things would def go faster if I could just sit and concentrate on doing them non-stop, but that is just hard to do sometimes. I stayed up as long as I dared, which was 2:30 a.m., and 6:30 came way too fast to suit me, and I still wasn't finished. I ended up having to finish my right hand this morning before work. 

What was even worse was that after finishing two fingers on the left hand, I hated it! Oh, sweet jeebus!! Now what was I supposed to do?? We're heading for Chicago as soon as I get out of work and didn't have time to take everything off and start over with something else. So I plugged along and completed that, and thankfully the more I looked at it, the more I loved it. It doesn't compare to heartNAT's original, but considering I had to do it freehand and she used a stamp, I don't feel too bad about it.
I did this using the same China Glaze Bohemians that she did, Rare & Radiant for the basecoat and then used saran wrap to add Unpredictable, Want My Bawdy, Deviantly Daring and No Plain Jane.  Instead of the Konad black with a stamp that she used, I used Orly Liquid Vinyl for the freehanded black and Sinful Colors for the white dots.  Pretty labor intensive on the black parts, especially this morning when I had my contacts in because I can't see well close up with them and couldn't really tell if my brush was touching the nail. I really thought I was going to be late for work, which I totes would have blamed on having to wait for a train.

So what do you think of my copycat mani? Did I pull it off satisfactorily? I like it, and I don't think I'll mind wearing it until Monday or Tuesday night. At least I hope I don't mind because Tyler's stash is not so great, and she has no fun nail art items to borrow.

Hmmm.....she does live very close to a Sally Beauty. Methinks I see some shopping in my future! :)


  1. Nice! Nice! Nice! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. great job. How do you exist on so little sleep? Have a great weekend.