Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Humpa-hump day. I really need it to be Friday. Seriously. I mean it. This will be the first weekend free I've had in what seems like forever. In actuality, I've only had two busy ones in a row, but that's enough to really screw up my dvr catch-up time. I foresee 3:30-4:00 a.m. staying up even though I know I honestly do need to get some extra sleep to recharge.

So last night I received the list of manicures that are needed per yesterday's post. Luckily I had a few in my stash of pics that they might be able to use. I do have my work cut out for me over the next couple of nights. With a couple of the descriptions, I'm not even sure I know what they are. Luckily there are a bunch listed, but I don't have to do all of them. I usually just try to do as many as I can so hopefully I'll make them happy. 

I waited as long as I could last night for directions, and when I hadn't gotten them due to some glitch with my Facebook messages, I went ahead and just did something simple to get me through the day today. It isn't exciting, and I am pretty annoyed with how it turned out. As usual, it look WAY better in my head. Hmmm...does that mean I'm delusional? It's possible that I am. But I digress; on to the mani.
As you can see, I did not put a whole lot of work into this. I bought some new polishes while I was in Illinois over the weekend and since they were sitting on the table next to me after being swatched, I just grabbed two and did what you see here.  The basecoat is a Color Club Halo Hue, Cloud Nine. Then I grabbed my trusty little fan brush and went over that with Color Club Port-Folio. One thing I do like is that some of the holo shows up even with the purple over it.

I had been thinking about doing a fan brush mani for awhile. Now I wish I had waited until I had more time to choose colors. This one does nothing for me. No great loss when I remove it after work.

I'm hoping these mani's I'm doing for Custom Nails are something cute. Of course, you'll be seeing them even if I don't like them. 


  1. I like this. I really think it is pretty. :)

  2. Replies
    1. This would be an easy one for you to start with, Tricia! Do it!!

  3. I really need a fan brush.It's probably the only nail art tool I don't have.

    I am sure you can't go wrong with any nail art you do,Diane.I was on Pinterest the other nite,just pinning away a whole bunch of your mani's,because I wanted to see the different lengths of CNS.

    I love this holo polish,and love what you did with it.

    Well,that's it for me.Here I am up at 3 am because I went to bed too early.

    Take it easy,gal :-)

    1. Wow...thank you for the kind words! And you should for sure get a fan brush; I have
      a smaller one and a bigger one. They're easy and fun to work with. You went to bed
      and got UP at 3:00? That's crazy! That's the time I might go to bed, but no way I'm
      getting up at that time. lol

    2. Well, I should have asked before. Wondering where you found your fan brushes.I just saw your YouTube video "Fan brush mani" How cool is that!

    3. Thalie, I almost forgot to answer you!! I bought a couple of different sets of brushes on eBay, and they both had a fan brush. Luckily they were 2 different sizes. I'm curious as to how you found that damn tutorial? It was the first one I did, and I've only done a couple as I don't really like them when I do them.

    4. If you click on the GFC image of your followers, there are links.Some people like you, for instance leave links to their blogs, youtube, twitter, FB,etc. That is how I found it, haha!

    5. I'm totes confused now. I thought the only place I had ever linked those damn videos was in the Nail Fun group I'm in, and that's a hidden group. This interweb stuff has me lost sometimes. LMAO

    6. Oh, snap. I just clicked on my own profile and see how you found it. Good lord.

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