Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Just curious; how sick does one have to be in order to get an appointment faster? I was just crazy enough to think that when I called my gastro's office and told them I spent Monday night in the emergency room, they just might think I need to be seen. Like fast. Apparently next Tuesday afternoon suits them just fine. Even though this does NOT suit ME just fine, I don't really have a choice in this podunk town. In the meantime I'll be stocking up on every otc medicine I can find to get me through until then with as little pain as possible. Should be a fun trip to Chicago this weekend. 

Our friend Chris is even more awake and aware now. I guess when she was shown the pics of all the red mani's, she raised her hand and said she loves red. Warms my heart, and I hope she knows there are a ton of us still worried and praying for her. Things are sure looking good, tho! Yay!!

I didn't feel too bad yesterday although by bedtime I was feeling less awesome than earlier in the day. I really had to do my nails, matter what. Two days with the same nails is really about as much as I can take when I'm home. Anything that I find to be difficult like the gradient from the other day I tend to leave for 2-3 days just because I want all that work to feel like it was worth it.

This one might have to stay on for a couple days, too. We're babysitting the Griffster, and an active 2 1/2 year old and nail art do not necessarily mix. Especially since he is some kind of magical genius at opening bottles and has been since he was about 10 months old. Any kind of bottles, even childproof; it's kinda' freaky. Cute, but freaky. It makes me super vigilant every time he heads into the spare bedroom where my Helmers are. lmao
Orly Royal Velvet Orly Liquid Vinyl Ninja Polish DRK-B stamp
This, of course, shows up much more obvi in person.  I even tried taking pics in the morning sunlight but couldn't get it to show up any better than this. It is part of what I love about it; it's just subtle and classy. And I'm sure you have all noticed how extremely classy I am.  I would say it is easily the word most often used to describe me. 

I do love this polish; Orly Royal Velvet. The application is fab, and it's one of those weird polishes that looks purple in the bottle but navy on the nails. And then you move and it's purple on the nails. Gotta' love that! Then I just grabbed a bottle of Orly Liquid Vinyl and stamped with DRK-B and freehanded a black french tip. Easy breezy. And Covergirl had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Off to smooch that baby. <3  


  1. Classy. Yep, that is the first word that comes to MY mind to describe you. Seriously, Roflmao. Capital R!!! bwah ha ha ha ha. Enjoy that g-baby, i am jealous. Sux that you can't get in to the doc earlier. :(

    1. Classy...I know, right??? Grandbaby is now off to sleep at his other grandmama's house. She's been keeping him the last few nights because of my stomach and because I'll be with him until Monday. :)