Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brain farts and hospitals

Figured I would jump in and do a post early today since I missed last night, and I'm home from work. 
Instead of painting nails or blogging last night, I thought it would be super fun to spend my night in the emergency room. Good times, right?  I've had ulcers which were bothering me lately, and the last couple of days were pretty unbearable. Tyler is home visiting so after she dropped Griffin off at his other grandma's, I had her take me to the hospital around 10:15. I didn't get out of there until 3:30 a.m. Bottom line; I'll live, and now I got a day off of work. lol
Chris is doing much better, so everyone is really grateful for that. I had done this red mani the same day I had posted a different mani and completely forgot to post it. For some reason when I did the pastel gradient, I thought I had already showed this one. Brain fart. 
I used Julep Glenn for this; it is a fantastic, rich looking red with just a hint of a shimmer. Really beautiful and probs one of my fave reds.  I free-handed the french tip, and for the stamping I used my DRK-A and Essie Mirror Effects Good as Gold. The Mirror Effects polishes are simply the best for stamping, and I find myself going to them over and over again for metallic stamping.

There ya' have it; an early post for the day and what I think is a pretty successful look.


  1. Very pretty :) I am glad every1 is doing ok now :) A great celebration mani :)

  2. Very nice... and GREAT news that you'll live... and that Chris is doing better!!! :o) <3