Sunday, April 28, 2013


On Friday I finished the polish reorganization which was supposed to mean that yesterday I'd clean out my closet. Guess who was too damn lazy to do it? I spent part of the day uploading photos into the Polish Sickness Facebook done all the way back through October and part of September. I'm not sure how far back I'm willing to go with that project because when I look back at stuff I did last year, some of those that I thought were decent now I think are SOOOO bad!! 

Another part of my day was spent posting pics on Instagram and wandering all of the FB nail groups I'm now in. It feels like my brain is only ever thinking of polish and polish-related stuff. There aren't enough hours in the day for this "hobby". Hopefully once I load up everything I already have on my computer into the Facebook page and onto Instagram, it'll be a lot quicker and easier to just load up one at a time as I do them. Maybe then I'll take the time to do other things, like lay in the pool if it ever gets warm enough to even put it up.

Okay. That's enough bitching! You didn't come here to read a whining post, correct? If you're here, you're expecting to see nails!
If someone had told me I'd be doing neon again, I wouldn't have believed them. Neons are just not my thang. I've accumulated several and considered not even keeping them, but I figured at some point maybe I'd use them in a marble or something. I've actually seen this particular mani on Pinterest and didn't care for it; now I ended up doing it. And I still don't care for it! lol
For what this is, it turned out. How's that for a glowing review! I wonder how anybody can live without striping tape. I seem to be grabbing it all the time; good thing I have a lot of it. I've only used it a couple of times for actually wearing on my nails, which is what I bought it for, but I'll probs use it all up just for making straight lines. I'm estimating I'll be around 60 years old when I use it all up; I have a lot of it.

All I did on this one was sponge on different color neons on each nail. After my topcoat dried, I randomly laid down some striping tape and painted over it with black. This time I actually let that coat of black dry almost all the way and then had to add a second coat before I could peel the tape off. Since it was almost dry, the black did dry with little ridges on their edges, but a coat of topcoat took care of that. 

Since my neons from the tip mani were still sitting next to me on the table, I just used those same ones; China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, QRS Belmont Garden and Sinfuls Dream On and 24/7.  The black is Orly Liquid Vinyl, which is now my new fave black.

Has anyone ever seen the QRS polishes for sale anywhere? I bought ten of them in a lot on eBay really cheap, and I really like them and wouldn't mind getting some more.

Lordie, I wish it wasn't Sunday already. Weak sauce. I really need my ship to come in so I can retire and become a lady of leisure; I would be SO good at that! Much better than I am at nails.