Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CHANEL TABOO - HELLZ, YEAH! (pic heavy!)

Busy night last night! Late yesterday afternoon, the Custom Nail Solutions PR person contacted me asking for a few more nail designs.  Evidently the folks over at Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa magazine were looking for some specific things. I thought I was done with requested mani's for a bit, but I happily said I'd get 'em done. I mean, when they tell me I'm going to be in their magazine for a second time, I am going to jump through any hoop they want me to. Gotta' keep that left hand semi-famous. LMAO

I really hadn't planned on doing my nails last night and instead ended up doing them three times. Another evening shot in the ass. At least they were easy ones. One is included in these pics.

I've been seeing bottle shots and swatches of Chanel Taboo for awhile now and fell in love with the damn thing. First stop, eBay!! Dayum!! It was going for around $40 a bottle. Even I am hard-pressed to spend $40 for a bottle of polish, regardless of its beauty and the fact that it's purple. And I really heart purple. Like really

Next stop; do a search for it, and DUH, Nordstrom carries it online for the mere price of only $27. After seeing the prices on eBay, that made $27 translate into "Oh, what a great deal!!!" Redonk, I know. But then my brain said to buy two, and sell one on eBay to make up for the price of the one I wanted to keep. Genius, no?

And that's exactly what I did. I bought two, stared at them for a bit and then listed one on eBay which promptly sold for 38 buckweedos. Nice! That means I only paid $16 for mine....totes an exceptional price, IMHO.  No problem justifying that...not that I had to justify it to anyone but me. lol

It's worth every penny. For realz. I want to make out with it it's so beautimous. Realizing how weird that would look, I decided to just paint my nails with it. 

I'm in love with this polish! I was actually going to leave it on for at least three days, but of course, that got screwed up. I stared at it all day yesterday in every kind of light imaginable. Of course I could not capture the beauty of it in pictures even though I ran around the house to every room, used my light box, went outside in the sun and in the shade. That's why I'm posting so many pictures. I think altogether I took around 60 shots of this beauty, and I'm still not satisfied, but I did the best I could. My apologies to Chanel for not doing them justice.

First up are the plain ones, although there is nothing plain about this polish, even on its own. I don't think I own another purple as rich looking as this, and I own over 100 purples, I'm embarrassed to say.

Then since I wanted to do a little something on it without detracting from the color too much, I grabbed my Cheeky "H" plate and Essie's Nothing Else Metals just to put a delicate little stamp off to the side. I was super pumped at how this turned out. "I" think it's loverly.

Finally, CNS had wanted some type of mani using stickers of some kind. I had an old pic of a mani from when I had the shorter, active length nails that was in my personal Facebook album that I offered up. I was supposed to go home, throw a watermark on it and then email it to her. But now that I have the longer glamor length, I'm spoiled by them and decided I would just throw on another coat of the Chanel right over my stamping and then stick on some lace. Easy peezy. I didn't even bother to topcoat over it. Slapped 'em on, ran outside, snapped a pic and then took it off to do another mani. And what a mani it is. Early Halloween anyone?  
I happen to love this.  Figures. It stands to reason that the minute I like something, I don't get to keep it. And since I tend to not revisit old mani's, it's doubtful I'll ever wear it for more than the 10 minutes I had it on. 

C'est la vie.


  1. Wow beautiful purple color! Like the manicure too :)

  2. love your daily mani's ... I read you daily. Keep on, Diane!

  3. Gorgeous! So, if you won't wear it again...send it to ME! hahahaha No, I'm not paying $40 for it either! LOL.... LOVE that thumb ring!!!!!! YOU *KNOW* WHICH ONE!!! :)

    1. I wondered if you'd notice the ring. I didn't mean I wouldn't wear the polish again! kik
      Just not with that little piece of lace sticker. :P

  4. Replies
    1. One of the prettiest polishes I own, that's for sure. :)

  5. Who doesn't love a good purple :) Beautiful nails!

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      Purple - my fave polish color. I could live in it.