Thursday, April 30, 2015


My bossman made my week. I no longer feel the need to throw my computer through the wall because he got me a new one. And it is awesome!

The computer had finally gotten to the point in it's decline that even the word processor was starting to fail. That was the last straw, and while he was in court I began the search for a new one that wouldn't cost a fortune. It never ceases to amaze me what computers cost. I remember paying $1,800 back in the olden days. Staples had a couple of all-in-one desktops on sale, two of which they "claimed" were in our local store ready to pick up.

I gave him the options, let him know the sale ended on April 25th and went on home for the weekend. I left the final choice up to him. He got the one I didn't prefer, but it was such a good sale I knew he would choose it. It has a 21" touch screen which is ridiculous because I don't really need a touch screen, but it was $100 cheaper than the one I really wanted which had a 23" non-touch screen.

And here comes today's bitch of the day! On Saturday he calls me to ask something about it because he was going to Staples to buy it. Great news! I was all excited to go into work on Monday knowing he was going to be in court for 2 days, giving me lots of time to set things up.

I get to work; no computer. He comes in and tells me Staples didn't have it, they were ordering it, and we wouldn't get it until Tuesday. WTF. I was off and on the website checking the tracking like a stalker, and that computer is still on the website saying our store has it in stock, ready for pickup today.

I call complete bullshit. What a complete load of it. Tuesday I was really stalking the order tracking because I planned on flying to Staples as soon as they had gotten it. It was on the local truck for delivery at 6:15 a.m. By 4 p.m. I was furious. Still no computer. 

I looked at the Staples receipt bossman gave me and went online to take their customer satisfaction survey which gives the opportunity to win $5,000. If they base who wins on how good the survey is, I'll never have to worry about winning that. My review was scathing.

The computer was finally dropped at the store after 6 p.m. Bossman went and got it for me on Wednesday morning, and it is awesome. I started putting in the programs and such that I use regularly and then discovered Outlook Express isn't even around anymore and not compatible with Windows 8.1. And since I didn't have a clue of what his email password was, or mine, I had to suck it up and call Charter for their help. I was pleasantly surprised when they not only let me change his, they let me change my personal one as well even though I didn't have any of my actual account info. I guess they trusted me based on the fact that my name is on his account. 

I absolutely hate the Charter email setup going from the Charter site, though. Outlook was so much more pleasant to look at and easier on the eyes. So I'm saddy pants about that.

Sorry. I rambled once again.

I had kind of thought I would stamp over that Sally Hansen Prism beauty, but my nails needed a soakoff so badly that on Tuesday night I decided I'd better just start over.

This isn't what I put on Tuesday night, but it's been in my drafts folder for a couple of weeks.
Cult PCH, Mundo de Unas MdU Turrquoise,  Uber Chic UC1-03 stamp
Now that I have those stamping polishes, I'm trying to think of things to use them on. It's harder than I thought it would be. 

The base blue is Cult PCH, and I stamped over it with Mundo de Unas Turquoise and Uber Chic's UC 1-03 plate.

It's fun. Normally if I've wanted to stamp over something like a darker blue, I've always had to stick with a silver, gold or white because nothing else I have would show up. I'm enjoying being able to stamp with something other than those colors.

Right now I'm trying to decide what I'll do on my nails today or if I'll just ponder it and wait until Sunday to do them. I'm not going anywhere so if I do them, it'll only be for my own fun and for posting on the interwebs.

Oh, and one more bitch! I didn't do a good enough job securing my one waspinator on the front of the house, and the dang thing is gone. It was super windy the other day and somehow it worked its way off the hook and flew to parts unknown. I wandered around the area looking for it to no avail. 

I went out and hung the spare one but took a pliers to crimp the hook closed this time. Hopefully that'll keep it safe. 

That's what I get for putting it up myself when they came. There's a reason I'm not the ones that puts things together around here.

I can't be good at everything, right?



  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! Stop bitchin' about not liking your mani :) I happen to love almost every one of them... I said almost!!! AND.... GREAT on the new computer! That is always kinda-sorta fun to get, but a headache setting it up the way you want it!

    1. I DO like this mani! Where did I say I don't? :P