Monday, April 6, 2015


In looking back at blog posts from April 2013 and April 2014, I believe I shall no longer consider April to be spring. I'm not even whining; I'm just stating the facts. 

I woke this morning to find about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Really. I wasn't even aware that it was supposed to snow until Tyler texted me last night and said she didn't even want to come home to visit because it was 67 degrees at her house yesterday. Can't say I blame her. Well, I would blame her if she actually doesn't come, but I'm sure she'll pack up Griff's winter jacket and head back here, hopefully tomorrow. She was going to come today, but Griff has a doctor's appointment for some nasty cough.

So while I wait for them, I keep right on waiting for spring. Who know....maybe she'll bring it with her!

Here's one a wore for a hot minute a week or so ago. I don't even remember if I did both hands. I think I did, but I'm guessing.
Julep Gabrielle, China Glaze Admire, Bundle Monster BM-XL04 stamp
I don't really like how this one turned out. It just looks kind of muddy to me. The base is Julep Gabrielle, which I happen to really like. I also happen to really like China Glaze Admire which is what I used for the stamping. It just ended up being a pattern off of the Bundle Monster BM XL04 plate that I just don't much like. 

Sometimes a design just is too much of a design, and this one covered way more real estate than I wanted it to. Oh, well. It happens.

I'm looking at my tips in this picture and at my actual hands right now, and I think I'm going to have to break down and file these damn nails. I am really not appreciating how they are starting to round themselves. I guess I'll grab a file and carefully flatten them back more square.

I really need to go back to some of my old, old pics and see my nail progression. I don't remember my first pink fashion length set wearing like my past couple of sets. And I've only had these a few months. I'm starting to wonder if the company has made some slight change in the material they use to make the nails.

Whatever the reason, I am not liking this issue at all. If I have to file them every few months to keep them straight and square edged, I'll end up needing new nails at least once a year which in my mind kind of defeats part of the reason for the lifetime guarantee.

Geez, now that I wrote that, I'm even more irritated about it.


  1. I agree, too much of a design.. hmmm, maybe ok with a different color combo... :) Ugh on the rounded corners!!!

    1. It isn't even just the corners, though. It's the entire tip edge :(

  2. Wouldn't tip wear equal a free replacement set if there's a lifetime guarantee? Seems like it should!

    1. I don't think it does, actually. I believe in the past year they added a disclaimer about possible wear. Hmmm....