Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Oh, man....today is a crab-ass day. Let's begin, shall we?

It actually started last night. I had one hell of a time falling asleep and right about the time I did, the dogs started barking because Kev came home from work. Normally not so much an issue, but I then had another hell of a time falling back to sleep. And I just couldn't stay asleep. I have no clue how many times I woke up, but I know my ass is really dragging today.

Because of no sleep, I also have one doozy of a headache. Four Excedrin Migraine already today, and they haven't touched it. 

Driving back and forth to work was causing me road rage. People are idiots. Either drive at least close to the speed limit or get off the damn road. If you can't choose an actual lane to stay in, get off the damn road. If you've forgotten that turn signals are for using, get off the damn road. And lastly, how am I apparently completely invisible in an SUV? Jackasses. All of them.

My computer at work keeps freezing up and being slow as hell, much like the drivers on the road. 'Nuff said about that.

Final vent of the day? Trying to photograph purple. I'm so over it. It's so frustrating that purple is my fave color polish and the one that causes me so much grief. If someone would please come over and teach me how to use that light box I bought, that'd be awesome. Thanks.

I finally gave up and went with this pic. In real life that shower curtain is pure white. The only way to get the polish color right was to give again give myself yellow hands. Cute.  I'm sure some idiot on some website will take the time to point it out to me, too. I love people that do that.
Darling Diva Nightbird, Color Club Halo Hues Eternal Beauty, Uber Chic 1-01 stamp
This polish is just beyond gorgeous. It's Darling Diva Nightbird, and it's a blackened purple holo. Amazeballs. I tried a couple of different holos for stamping and finally went with Color Club Halo Hues Eternal Beauty and my new Uber Chic 1-01 stamping plate.

I've shown off a couple of different Darling Diva polishes now, and I'm just going to say this: Run off to their website right now and just buy up all the holos. For realz. Their polish is just fantastic.

Whew!! I feel a whole lot better now that I've done all that complaining. Sometimes I just hold all that crap in because I don't have anybody to talk to. Just one more reason blogging is therapeutic. 

Does a body good to vent.


  1. Hey Diane! Are you okay? Your hands are looking kind of yellow!



  2. Diane, I agree!! That is one gorgeous color!! My question to you is, how did you stamp with the colir club halo hues? I've tried them all and I can't get them to pick up on the stamper. Do you have any advice!!

    1. I've always had great luck with the Halo Hues, but I do try to be quick about it because they dry so fast.

  3. Sandi Repose I had the same problem with color club holos then I changed my stamper. Hope that helps.

  4. Diane can stamp with ANYTHING!!! She's good that way!!! And, seriously what in the world do you mean, yellow hands.... I don't see anything other than skin tone hands... Love that mani!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I have re-edited the pic several times in several different ways. I finally got it to be much better. lol

    2. Oh, and you for sure overestimate my stamping prowess. It doesn't always work right!