Monday, April 20, 2015


Blah-de-da. It's Monday, cold, gloomy and raining. Seems about right, right? Supposedly it might change to freezing rain or mabes even some snow later. So yup....go us! We luvs it up here!

I hope the dripping sarcasm didn't get on ya.

Yesterday I was sitting around with nekkid nails and just could not decide what I wanted to do. Nothing sounded exciting. That's pretty annoying when I consider I have all of those lovely new stamping polishes. As I wandered throughout the interwebs looking for inspiration, there was just none to be found. Even choosing a color combination wasn't happening.

I seriously spent hours pondering what to do. After I sat on the bed and just stared at colors and stamping plates for what seemed like forever, I opted for trying some foils.
Flower nail foil, Square Hue WL Wet Look Too topcoat
I received these free awhile back when I ordered some foil topcoat from a lady on Amazon. I really wanted to buy some more from her, but she appears to have vanished into thin air. 

Topcoating this kind of foil isn't usually a problem. It's the glossy ones that give me an issue. Still, using Seche Vite is not advised. Without thinking I used the SV on my pinkie nail and watched the small amount of silver in these foils shrivel. Not so cute. I re-did it.

I usually work these by setting up two at a time. The first two fingers I did two coats of my foil topcoat. To add shine I grabbed the Square Hue topcoat they had sent around the holidays. It worked really well. Just for kicks I skipped the foil topcoat and just went with the Square Hue for the rest of my nails, and it worked great! At some point I'm going to have to see what it does to the the more topcoat-challenged foil materials. 

I'm looking at my nails, and the tip wear is not good. Luckily this is a pattern that really called for a white basecoat, so nobody would ever notice that I'm losing some pattern. But I do. This will be coming off tonight.

Just for kicks the other day I did a search for Sally Hansen Prism Turquoise Opal on eBay. Occasionally I do that because I want it. Bad. I found one for $39.99, but yeah, that ain't happening. I found another one that was at $4.99 with only one bid, so I added it to my watch list and crossed my fingers that I'd hear my phone warn me when there was 15 minutes left. I'm happy to report that I snagged it for $11.00, and I am one happy camper. I snagged the Burgundy Orchid one, too, just because I could.

Oh! And I also decided to buy the 12 piece Kleancolor neon set because it was only $14 with free shipping. I couldn't bring myself to buy the China Glaze set because I didn't feel I could justify spending the price when I know I probs already have some very similar polishes. But $14 for a dozen? I'm all over that shit.
So yeah, my no-buy is going great!!


  1. Which topcoat do you use on the shiny foil?

    1. A long time ago I had bought some from a lady on Amazon. It worked better than anything else I tried, but she hasn't been selling for a long time. :(
      From what I read everywhere else, I guess gel topcoat is what works the best.

  2. The trick to topcoating any foil is to add foil glu, then do your foil then add more foil glue on top of ur foil, after it dries clear add any topcoat! Works like a charm every time!!

    1. I'm pretty sure I had tried that and still didn't have any luck. I'll have to try it again!

  3. Love it!!! I'm not trying foils... if you can't do 'em...well, enuf said!!! haha Polish on eBay is so hit or miss! Good snags!!!!!

    1. Foils aren't hard to put on. They are actually kind of fun to work with.