Monday, April 13, 2015


Oh, what a wondrous puppy-filled five days I had!! Tyler got home Tuesday night with Zero. He is just a joy to have around because he is such a sweetheart. The fact that he remains pretty obsessed with me doesn't exactly hurt my opinion of him.

On Saturday afternoon Major and Razzie came to play with their brother. Three big boys in the house along with Tinlee and Baylee makes for quite the houseful. And they were wound up and having a ball.

They couldn't make it with Seven during the boy time, but she came over Saturday evening for a couple of hours. She's fun to have around, and so are her owners. I love Laura and Lisa. They surprised me this weekend by bringing over some special kind of beer for Kev as well as some fruity kind of beer that I agreed to try. I actually kind of liked it so I finally now have a beer product I'm willing to drink. In other words, it doesn't really taste like beer.

The best thing they brought me was a ginormous Easter basket filled with.....PEEPS!!!! Hilarious! I should have known Lisa was up to something because she gets such an excited happy face when she is. I love it. They are the best.....they let me steal their dog AND bring me presents. 

With Tyler, Griffin and Zero home I didn't do much nail play, but even though I was exhausted last night, I did manage these.
Cult El Porto, Uber Chic Girl On Fire glitter dust, FUN 13 stamp
I again used Cult El Porto for my white base, but once that was dry I mixed up some Uber Chic Girl on Fire glitter dust with some Seche Vite and gave the white an iridescent finish before using black and the FUN 13 plate for my design.

The glitter dust looked quite nice and added some depth to the white. In person it really showed up well under the black design....much better than in the picture.

Very different for me and even after wearing it all day, I never did decide if I liked it. It's gone now, though, so I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

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