Tuesday, April 21, 2015


When I put my window hummingbird feeders up last week, all it really did was start making me more crazy. Every five minutes I'm staring at those feeders, willing my little male to make his first appearance. It was so beautiful out the end of last week and into the weekend that I actually fooled myself into thinking I'd see one. Any minute now.

I got up this morning to snow flurries. No hummer in his right damn mind would show up here yet. Woe is me.

One thing I did do, though, was go back to my 2014 hummingbird album to see the exact date I first saw one last year. I had thought it was at the end of May. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I saw my little boy on May 8th. So that's good. Here I was pouting because I thought I might have another month to wait. Turns out I may only have to wait a couple of weeks. I thought maybe this horrible winter everyone has had might slow them down, but in looking at the 2015 hummingbird migration map (yes, we freak hummingbird fanatics have a first sighting map), it appears as though they are still on the same schedule as last year.

Hope springs eternal.

Another thing I had done since last year was try to find a way to keep wasps away. They were a huge problem last year. With having the puppies, I didn't get many chances to sit out there and hold the feeder, but on the few occasions I did, I could only stand it for short periods of time because the wasps were intense. Mean bastards, too. There were a couple of times I just stood out there with the spray can, killing as many of those mother-effers as I could. They try to attack my little bird friends. Momma' ain't having that. I saw lots of people saying to take those little brown lunch bags, blow them up and hang them. It fools the wasps into thinking the territory has already been taken.

Now, it doesn't take a Mensa member to realize that a paper bag isn't going to be very practical when it rains. There are a couple of genius companies that actually make fake nests. Of course they do. So I bought two different brands, two of each. I'm going to hang one in the front of the house, one on the deck and one under the garage eaves. And I'll have a spare if the rain wipes one out. I pray they work. If they do, I'm looking forward to sitting with hummingbirds buzzing by my head and landing on my fingers.

Last night I decided I just "had" to try the white MdU stamping polish. OMG.
China Glaze Secret  Peri-Wink-Le, Mdu white, Sally Hansen Big Matte topcoat, Uber Chic UC1-02 stamp
First off, this is China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le. I forgot how much I love this color. Seriously. Still one of my faves of all time. It be beautimous. I also mattified it with Sally Hansen's Big Matte Topcoat. That, too, is awesome.

So then I grabbed my Uber Chic UC1-02 plate and my white polish. Usually when I would stamp with any of the other brands, I'd have to clean the plate every couple of nails and add more polish. Not so with the Mundo de Unas.

I put the white on the top 1/3 of the design, scraped and stamped. And that is ALL I used for five nails. For the next four I scraped with just the remnants from my scraper. Then I cleaned the plate and my scraper and did the same thing for my other hand.

Are.You.Freaking.Kidding.Me? For all this time I've been super annoyed at how fast my stamping polishes would seem to be gone. Either gone or they'd start getting extra sticky from reinserting the brush so many times during a stamping session.

I am so in love with these I'm either going to make out with them or just downright marry 'em. And at $3.50 a piece, they are even more of a bargain than I thought they were. Totally worth the $14 it cost for shipping 14 of them. TOTALLY.

If you like to stamp, want to stamp, have had trouble with stamping, these could very well help you in your quest. I don't exactly suck at stamping, and these make it easier for me, and in turn, it makes it more fun.

I like fun.


  1. Is this your first experience with MDU? Having her polishes have made my stamping life soooo much easier. I have all her colors except for about five that aren't my taste.

    1. Yes, I just got my first MdU's the other day! So great!

  2. Awesome. Guess I'll be ordering some new polishes.

  3. There you go.... spending my money AGAIN!!!

    1. Oh, who are you kidding. You don't need me corrupting you because you're worse than I am!! LOL

  4. Gorgeous! I've always struggled something terrible with stamping... looks like I need to order a couple MdUs to try!

    1. Do it!! At least get a black and white. Then once you're hooked, you can buy colors. LOL

  5. I can't decide.There's too many choices.So I am going eenie,meenie,minie,mo.💅