Thursday, April 23, 2015


I have a minor body issue vent before I show off this mani I totally copied from someone.

Is it an old age thing? How come I weigh the same, wear the same size as I have for the past more years than I can count, but I now have a muffin top? I don't understand it. I don't remember ever being this uncomfortable in my own skin, and I'm not a fan. It makes me sad. The end.

The other day I was wandering around Pinterest looking for inspiration and found this mani. Well, it was almost this mani. She had done the stamping on only two of her nails. Doing accent nails isn't really my thing so I just tried to recreate it on all of my nails.

You can find her original of this one on her Facebook page, Esmalterapia4me. She does amazing stuff!
Square Hue Happy Creme, Cult Avalon, Uber Chic UC1-02 stamp
I don't know what colors she used, but I grabbed Square Hue Happy Creme and Cult Avalon for my pink/coral dabbed in random spots over white base. That flower is from the Uber Chic UC1-02 plate. And yes, I used my MdU for the white stamp.

I love how this turned out. Such pretty colors, I think. It feels very summery to me, and I may have to do this color combination again at some point. They might look awesome in a water marble.

I'm actually due for a water marble. I don't imagine I'll be able to get one done this weekend, though. I'm puppysitting for Razzie, and I don't think I could count on him to not run into my nail stuff. 

Seeing polish, distilled water and remover flying across the living room does not appeal to me at all.


  1. I have a question since you stamp often, I am waiting for a stamper set to arrive this week. The question is are there any polishes to avoid when stamping/ a brand that doesn't stamp well. Thank you and you have some beautiful nails.

    1. Pam, I've used all brands for stamping; it's really a matter of just trying them. Polishes that are very opaque work the best no matter what brand they are. Kleancolor metallics, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, Zoya and Sinful Colors are a few I've had great luck with.

  2. If you're over 40 it is probably the Peri menopause curse. Sorry

    1. Well, that's complete bullshit. They removed all my parts when I was 34 and I've been on HRT since then and haven't gone through menopause. Now I have to go look up peri menopause. LOL

  3. Even though our bodies can change in subtle (& not so subtle) ways as we age, it may not be you, but the style of pants you were wearing that encouraged your skin to rest on the waistband. Your nails look fabulous as always!