Saturday, April 25, 2015


Razzie is so cute, but 9 month old puppies have an awful lot of energy. And just like his siblings, he's a damn stalker. I find myself literally not getting up to go to the bathroom for fear of waking him up.

One nice thing about him is when I went to bed, he jumped right in, laid practically on top of me and went to sleep. He was really good and stayed there until 7:30. That wasn't really late enough to suit me since we were up until almost 3:00, but at least he actually did let me get that whopping 4.5 hours of rest.

Tinlee is not impressed and spends most of her time ignoring him. I guess she doesn't think her puppies are so fun anymore, probably because they are so big. She'll play hard for 10 minutes until he makes her mad, then she goes off to lay down. I'm also sure she isn't appreciating that Razzie seems to have taken over her fave spot to lay, which is by me next to my recliner. He doesn't have a whole lot of finesse with that and doesn't realize he's big. He also seems to think it's okay to walk under the end table even though his back is knocking into it. I've had to save the lamp several times. He's kind of an uncoordinated moose. But cute and sweet as can be.

I did this gradient just because I like these colors on their own and wanted to see how they'd be together.
China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely, Julep Margaret, Uber Chic 2-01 gradient stamp
The peachy color is China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely, and the blue is Julep Margaret. I like how they kind of made a small amount of pinky-purple where they blended.

Of course I couldn't just leave it alone, so I stamped over it with black and my Uber Chic 2-01 plate.

I thought this was really pretty. I've been enjoying using more summery type colors lately. I'll be enjoying it even more when I have a tan. That's when it will really feel like summertime to me. 

Of course, once I'm tan I'm sure I'll get some comments on Pinterest. Last year some beeyotch thought she should tell me to stop with the self-tanner. After I told he she was rude and mistaken since I don't use self-tanner, I deleted her comment. I don't understand the people that feel the need to be so bitchy to people. I've seen it so many times where people just tear into people about their not-so-neat paint jobs or bad cuticles. It's just mean. Don't parents teach basic manners anymore?? I know when we post, we open ourselves up for the judgment of other people, but I still think "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" should still apply.

Hang on while I get down off my soapbox.

Got me some naked nails right now. I have a water marble in my head with some of my new Kleancolor neons, but I don't know if I'll get a chance for it this weekend. It all depends on when Razzie gets picked up and how much energy I have to spend the time on it.

He's staring at me at the moment. I can see his brain working, and I know at any second he's going to be all up in my bizness. No consideration at all for the fact that there's a computer on my lap. None.

Cute. But pushy to the point of rude.

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