Saturday, March 28, 2015


Happy Saturday, Peeps! I hope you are all having yourselves a fantabulous weekend. It's sunny and beautiful here, deceivingly so because as good as it might look, it's only 30 degrees. Lordie, I want summer. I have a cart full of Dinair airbrush makeup in my summer shades and can't bring myself to hit the buy button because it still feels like winter.

I'm still rocking that hot-ass water marble, but I'm thinking I'll take it off shortly to play a bit since I have nothing better to do. I'm just waiting for some inspiration.

I had this one on for a day a couple weeks ago. I had gotten a couple new Sinful Colors I had never seen before and decided to see if the bone color would stamp.
Sinful Colors Rose Dust, Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream, FUN 13 stamp
Unless I go to Walgreens I don't know what's new and what's not with the Sinfuls. I always check at Shopko when I'm there, but their polish selection is so random that I never know what's what. I just know when I saw these, checked my phone list and saw I didn't have these two, I needed to buy them. That's right, needed to.

The pink is Rose Dust, and the light one is Beaches and Cream. As you can see, while it did stamp, it's very light and sheer. I'm not going to try it again as a stamping polish, but it is still a really nice off-white neutral. I used the FUN 13 plate for the stamp.

In a completely unrelated matter, one of my puppy owners posted pics of all of the puppies today. They turned 8 months old last week. I have been seeing a few of them because they come over to play or a dogsit for a weekend. This is Seven's second home and I've had her for a few weekends; I've had Razzie for 2 weekends; Major came over for the first time last Sunday; and of course Zero is here every time my daughter is in town.

I threw all the pics at the bottom so you can stop here if you want.

If you are still reading, aren't they just the cutest bunch of puppies?? They all have their mom's face. All but Major have the same hair as her, too. Major is darker red and has much coarser hair just like his daddy. Tinlee made good babies. :)

I love them all so much and am still kicking myself for not keeping one. I'm so thankful I have contact with all of their owners and get to see 4 of them when they come to play.

It's simply a winning bunch of puppies - and a winning bunch of owners. Love-fest!! 

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  1. I've had Beaches and Cream for a while now, not used it... I plan to, soon!! :) No Rose Dust for me... As for the "puppies", I so know what you mean... it is so fun to get pictures from their new homes... I miss PUPPY BREATH!!!!!!!