Thursday, March 26, 2015


The bossman is on vacay, so my work hours are pretty random for a week. Yesterday I wandered in at 1:00 and worked until 5:00. I got a lot of work done, all of the kinds of things that are hard to do when I'm doing actual work. I closed so many files that I completely emptied one of the file drawers, which is awesome. Now all I need to do is convince him that it's time to purge some old files from our storage closet. Nobody needs to keep files that are 15 damn years old. At this point I've stacked boxes so high I practically need a ladder to get them down. Not so fun.

I had been there about ten minutes, and my left eye was super irritated. I keep contact solution at work so I took out my contact, cleaned it and put it back in. It still felt kind of scratchy, but since I thought being able to see was a good idea, I just carried on.

After I'd been home for about an hour, I decided to take my contacts out and throw on my specs. If I'm not going anywhere, I do that often. Not that it matters because I'm pretty much blind as a bat no matter what I'm wearing. Low and behold, I discovered that my contact has a rip in it. No biggie, I figure; I have one spare left in my traveling makeup bag.

Wrong. I have 3 right contacts and no left ones. So now I'm sitting here wearing a torn contact. Not pleasant. I've been meaning to make an eye appointment so I called and can't get in until April 7th. I did get lucky, though, because they do have the lens in stock. Good news for me, so I'll be picking that up on my way to my physical. 

Last night I took off that pastel water marble. And decided I wanted another water marble. It was a great decision.
Sinful Colors Black on Black, Color Club Halo Hues Eternal Beauty,  Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon, water marble
Sinful Colors Black on Black, Color Club Halo Hues Eternal Beauty,  Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon, water marble
I couldn't be more happy with this one. I am in love with it. Even though I've never had much luck using holo polish for a holo, I figured I'd try it again.

The stars aligned perfectly on this one. I did one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black as a base and then used it with Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon and Color Club Halo Hues Eternal Beauty.

All three of them worked great. I only had to re-do one, and that's only because I accidentally marbled over it when it was already done.

I went for just a no pattern look, mostly because I didn't even start this until 10 p.m. and didn't want to waste a ton of polish trying to make some perfect loopy thing.

There isn't one thing I would change about this. IMHO it is gorgeous, and I'll be wearing it for at least 2 days. I wish it was sunny out so I could go freeze my ass off to get the holographic effect to show up better.

Sometimes these water marbles are just so fun. And if you don't like this one, then I'm pretty sure we can't be friends.


  1. LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!! Glad you got the contact thing worked out!!!

    1. I agree it's awesome! lol
      Yeah, my eye feels a whole lot better now.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Myishia! I'm actually going to agree this time. :)

  3. That is the best marble yet!!!! Love that one...

    1. Thanks, M....I'm a fan of it, too. :)