Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Is it 5 o'clock yet? This day has just been dragging for some reason. I want it to be over so I can move along to my four days off. It doesn't help that this work computer's ass is dragging. Few things drive me crazier than a pokey computer. It keeps freezing with a script error, usually when the bossman wants something from the internet. Explaining to him why I'm being slow is kind of pointless since he doesn't really know how it works.

I really did want to throw it through a wall today. For realz. That's probably they only way he'll buy a new one unless it literally blows up. Somebody told him about the portable clouds you can buy to back up the contents. I laughed and laughed....this old XP system doesn't even have a spot to connect any such thing. He's hilarious. 

In the meantime, I just burned all of my docs onto cd's. At least if this thing dies, I won't lose the important stuff. I'm a saver. Anytime an old client comes in, if it's for something after about 1995, I still have it in this thing. It makes my life easier.

Enough bitching about that. I did this purdy little gradient on Sunday night and really liked it and enjoyed staring at it at work on Monday.
Fresh Paint Alex's Lemonade, Color Club Blue Ming, QRS Cruiser gradient, Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond, Bundle Monster BM XL02 stamp
For the gradient I used Fresh Paint Alex's Lemonade, Color Club Blue Ming (which for the record is blue, oddly enough) and QRS Cruiser. Once that was done I stamped using the Bundle Monster BM XL02 plate.

And then I screwed up. For some reason I thought adding a bit of bling would be a great idea. I grabbed one of my fave glitters, Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond and threw on a coat of that. 

That's where I should have stopped. But nooooo....I didn't think enough bling was showing up so I did a second coat. And then watched as the stamping pretty much vanished beneath it. 

While I liked the subtle white stamp, I didn't want it quite this subtle. For a brief second I actually considered stamping it again on top of the Orly but thought better of it.

So don't overdo even a delicate glitter over an already soft stamp. Got it. Lesson learned.

Oh, I am so anxious to get out of here. I want to go to Walmart and buy Peeps. I've been out of them for a couple of days which is completely unacceptable. I only bought ten boxes last time. Sometimes I buy too many and then comes the point where I'm over it and don't want to eat anymore. Now I have to decide how many more boxes I should get. I'm thinking I'll do ten again. If I'm still not over it before Easter, that'll give me time to buy one more round before they disappear from the stores.

And since Kev is gone, they might just make a delightful supper tonight.


  1. I LOVE IT!! I can do without peeps... I want chocolate! :)

    1. You should have seen my Walmart cart yesterday. 14 boxes of Peeps, 2 bags of cinnamon hard candy, 2 boxes of mini Cadbury eggs and a tub of cotton candy. LOL