Friday, March 6, 2015


We had a really good time on our little overnight trip. It was fun seeing Pruett (Kev's pilot buddy). We stayed at the Hilton and after having drinks at the bar, we ate dinner at Chops in the hotel. OMG. The food was unbelievable. After being sick all weekend and not really eating, I was kind of worried about doing the whole food thing, but I completely ate like a horse. Crab cakes, a large filet and a baked potato. Everything was perfectly delish. No one around here has crab cakes anymore, and I love them. These were large and spectacular.

Then it was off to the concert. Pruett had bought the tickets, and I couldn't believe what great seats we had. Floor seats and almost close enough to touch the stage. While it was obvious that Barry Manilow was still suffering from the respiratory illness of last week, he still put on a great show. We left there happy. Well, Pruett and I did....don't know if I can say the same for Kev. Actually, perhaps Kev was the happiest to leave there.  A Fanilow he is not.

And that's where the fun ended and the shit began.

While we were hanging out, Kev asked what was wrong with my lip. Huh? I realized I had a sore spot and figured it was a minor zit that was going to be showing up soon. No biggie. I've always been very lucky and had relatively clear skin my entire life, but I'll get the occasional spot every now and then. I wasn't going to lose any sleep over it.

I was wrong. I've lost a lot of sleep. That spot didn't get bigger or come out at all. Instead, the entire right side below my lip got progressively more painful. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. I didn't sleep much Tuesday night because my face was throbbing, and when I got up to get ready for work the right side of my bottom lip was so ginormous that I couldn't close  my mouth on the left side. Attractive. And not only was that swollen, so was the whole right side of my face. It was even moving under my jawline.

The swelling had gone down a bit by the time I left for work and during the day it stayed that way. I assumed I was probably on the mend. Until the evening when the whole thing started all over again. I went online and scheduled myself an appointment for Thursday afternoon. Then I "slept" in the chair hoping I wouldn't be quite as swelled up for work.

So that was yesterday. I worked until noon and went to the doctor on my way home. She looked without touching since that would have sent me through the roof. My lip is so swollen it is now cracking and is swollen on the inside. She gave me an antibiotic and told me to continue with hot compresses 3 times a day. 

I have to take a pill twice a day, so I have 4 in my system now. I was hoping for a miracle that would make me feel better faster. My expectations were too high. I slept like crap in the chair again last night. I have a sore below my lip that I'm unsure if I should keep wet or let it dry out. My lips are cracked so I have to keep putting stuff on them. I drool when I drink, and the throbbing on the right side of my face and neck is almost unbearable.

I've spent the day alternately napping, watching tv or holding heat on my face. I am utterly, completely miserable. I do think the pills are doing something because there seems to be a higher concentration of red skin closer to the spot, as if everything is starting to get concentrated into one area. And I can almost move the side of my mouth. Almost.

I don't feel like doing anything. I've barely looked at the computer, and I'm sure not going to do nails. This is one from last week.
China Glaze Sneaker Head, LLC-A stamp
All I did was grab the China Glaze Sneaker Head that I had used in that swirly water marble and then stamped a design from the LLC-A stamping plate.

Now I'm off to heat compress my face again. I really need my face to go back to its normal size before I have to leave the house on Monday. The doctor said if the pills don't work, call, and she'll give me an injection in my ass of some other antibiotic.

Right about now if that would work faster, I'd bend right over.


  1. WHAT ON EARTH!!!???? Never mind the pills and stuff... WHAT CAUSED THE SWELLING?? I'd be more worried about that!!! Allergic to that seafood?? Some people develop allergies even when they've never had them before...??? Yikes... I won't ask for a picture hee hee

    1. It's not an allergy. It's exactly what I figured it was; the zit went deep instead of popping out and caused infection. I could tell from the heat, the swelling and the hard area where it started. Not too uncommon, I guess, but it usually happens with people that have acne issues.
      You couldn't pay me to take a picture. I look like a prizefighter. That lost.

    2. My face hurts thinking about it.

    3. I suggest NOT thinking about it because it hurts like a mutha!

  2. Really!!! Well, I've never heard of this!!! Just get better!!!!