Monday, March 2, 2015


I blinked, and now it's March. Hopefully that means the weather will start warming up, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it.

Tuesday through Friday of last week the workers were here everyday refinishing the ceilings, and I have to say, they look fantastic! I get very happy every time I look up. It might have taken them 10 months to do it, but it was worth the wait. 

Next step; get the carpeting cleaned. I've been waiting awhile to do that. I wasn't going to have that done and then get the ceiling mess all over it. I'll be glad to have the "fluff" back in my living room.

I spent the entire weekend sick. We went out to dinner at the casino with some friends Friday night, and I honestly think I might have gotten food poisoning from the steak I had. Today is the first day I've even felt slightly normal, and that didn't happen until this evening. Even  now I feel like somebody ran over my insides. Not fun.

Tomorrow we will again attempt to go to Milwaukee to see Barry Manilow. So far it hasn't been canceled so that's a good sign.  Even the weather looks promising. Mid 20''s going to feel like summer!

I did my nails very quickly the other night, and they were so awful I didn't even take a picture. Then I did one very quickly on Friday that was also horrid. I just didn't leave myself enough time to do a good job. Cleaning the house after having all of the ceiling popcorn removed was a huge chore, and even now there is still dust settling. I did take a pic of it, but that's my excuse for the craptastic stamping job.
Square Hue Kewpies, Color Club with no name, BM XL01
My pink base is Square Hue Kewpies. I just got the new XL Bundle Monster plates last week. I bought two of the three sets, and I'm pretty glad I did. I used some unnamed Color Club with the XL01 plate for this one. The awful stamping is not the fault of the plates; it is complete and utter user failure. The color I chose just wasn't made for stamping, and I just didn't have time to go digging for something else.

I am much, much happier with the one I did tonight. I even remembered to take a picture of the polish on its own. Color me proud of myself.
Darling Diva BEWBS!, Color Club Cosmic Fate, BM XL19 stamp

Darling Diva BEWBS!, Color Club Cosmic Fate, BM XL19 stamp

Darling Diva BEWBS!, Color Club Cosmic Fate, BM XL19 stamp
This absolutely spectacular polish is Darling Diva BEWBS!  And when I say it's spectacular, I'm not kidding. It is amazing and rich and holo and a gorgeous color. Their formula is really awesome, too.  There is only one thing I would change about this polish, and that is the brush. Minor detail, and it sure wouldn't have stopped me from buying it. 

For the design I used another of the new Bundle Monsters, BM XL19.  I stamped with Color Club Halo Hues Cosmic Fate. 

I love how this turned out. Holo stamp on top of a holo polish  equals win/win.

And now I'm off to bed even though I have been sleeping off and on almost non-stop since late Friday night. Hopefully being sick is completely over.

If Barry shows up for the concert and I'm not sick, that will be another win/win.


  1. BEWBS is awesome! Wow!

    Best of luck with the concert!

    1. BEWBS! is amazing!! Everyone should have it. :)

  2. I like your BEWBS! hahaha Pretty nails for sure!!! As for the first, you are way too hard on yourself...the stamping is fine... otherwise, I better just stop altogether!!! haha

    I had wondered where you were all weekend... hope you're feeling lots better so you can have fun at the concert!!

    1. Luckily I felt almost completely human Monday morning and was perfectly fine later on. I even ate actual food for the first time since Friday. lol

      Look again at the stamping, lady. The shapes didn't even fully stamp. :P