Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day, all you Irish folk. 

Yesterday was Kev's birthday, and I thought we were going to have over a week together. I love when that happens. But work called him today, and he decided to pick up an extra four day trip, so now I won't see him again until Saturday night.  The extra money is nice, but I surely do miss him when he leaves.

Sometimes it sucks to like your husband.

I've been so busy at work I was starting to wonder if I'd ever get around to posting this one before the "holiday" was over.  A few days ago Martha from Polish Makes Me Happy posted a picture of a shamrock water marble. She kind of hinted that one of us that does marbles should do it. 

I actually did this two years ago, but it didn't turn out so great. So I figured I'd give it another shot.

 China Glaze Exotic Encounters, Square Hue Flower Power, St. Patrick's Day, shamrock, clover, water marble
I remember when I did it the first time the hardest part was finding a couple of greens that would marble. I sort of had the same problem this time around. Eventually I got China Glaze Exotic Encounters and Square Hue Flower Power to cooperate to make my four leaf clovers.

It took a few tries on a couple of the nails, and I would have like to redo a couple again, but my China Glaze wasn't full to start with. Once a polish gets down to below half full, I don't like using it for marbles. While they are fun and cool to look at, they certainly can be a bit wasteful.

I do love the colors on this one. Very St. Patrick's Day-ish. I'd like to do some more water marbles because I'm kind of in the mood for them, but I can't seem to decide on a color scheme. I'll just have to keep thinking.

Enjoy yourselves if you're going out to drink some green beer this evening, and don't forget to not drink and drive. For realz.


  1. Great job- I heart a water marble! :)

  2. OUTSTANDING, DIANE!!!!!!!! Love that you were up for the challenge! Perfect colors!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  3. Omg I love your nails!! So long! Great job!