Friday, November 28, 2014


I don't know how your Thanksgiving went, but I won't need to eat again until Christmas. Between eating at my mom's yesterday and then heading over there tonight for leftovers, I am pretty much good to go for the next month.

Yes, I ate that much. And I have some salad and pie that I took home with me, too. Right now I'm miserable for the second night in a row. It's really not my fault, though. I was all finished eating, but there was stuffing sitting in the bowl right in front of my cleared plate, and I swear it was literally calling my name. So I went for seconds. If I hadn't done that, I'd probably not feel so crapalicious right now.

My plan for the rest of the weekend is nothing. Well, except for playing with the grandkid and grandpuppy.

Right now I'm wearing another snowflake mani, but I haven't even bothered taking pics yet. I really should probably do that soon because the tips are staring to wear.

This is one I did a couple of weeks ago.  This Above the Curve The Silence. It's gorgeous. Right now they don't seem to have this one, but they do have it here.
Above the Curve The Silence, Julep Farrah, LLC-B stamp
They do have a whole lot of other polishes that would be worth getting, though. I have several, and they are all gorg and have nice formulas. They also have a big sale going on at the moment so I recommend checking them out.

I had planned to stamp, but I thought it was necessary to show it all on its own first
Above the Curve The Silence, Julep Farrah, LLC-B stamp
I didn't want anything too shockingly obvious so I used Julep Farrah and the LeaLac LLC-B stamp.

I like how subtle this one turned out. It's like swirls of smoke over the dark.

Now I think I'll take a pic of my fingers and either decide what to paint or soak these suckers off and start from scratch. First I have to decide how ambitious I am and whether or not Zero will cooperate and let me do it. 

He's a puppy. I can't count on him just laying around for a couple of hours without getting into a wrestling match with his mom.


  1. Nice mani! Love the subtle stamping!!!

    1. Thanks, lady! Shouldn't you be off buying polish somewhere? ;)

  2. Yes it has a pretty swirls of smoke over the dark. Great choice and great job indeed!