Thursday, November 6, 2014


Work day ended at noon, the laundry is all done and the house is all clean and shiny.  Kev is gone for the weekend, so I guess it's going to be a very quiet few days.

It feels weird here already because I'm alone and it's quiet. It won't be as much fun as last weekend when I had Razzie here to play with and keep me busy. Sometimes I really wish I had kept one of those dang puppies.

I figured since I posted Cancun mani #1 on Tuesday, I may as well post the one I did mid-week of the trip. I regretted it the minute I started it. Even though I had tried it on one nail before I left home, the yellow really gave me trouble once I started doing it for realz.
Orly Lemonade, Sinful Colors Smokin, AliExpress 12-51 stamp
It's a really nice yellow, Orly Lemonade. For some reason when I tried it at home, it did fine with two coats. I don't know if it was a weather or air conditioning issue in Cancun, but it took three coats, and even that was difficult. That third coat had to be pretty thick. 

The grey I used to stamp with my AliExpress 12-51 plate is Sinful Colors Smokin.  This is one of those rare cases where either my memory is fuzzy or this actually looks better in pics than I think it did in person.  I know it couldn't have looked too bad because I had several women comment on it during out thousand hour layover in  Atlanta on the way home.

Gee, I guess that's all I have for today. I've been starting at the blank area on this post and can't think of a single interesting thing to say. 

But at least I posted a mani!