Tuesday, November 11, 2014


And so it begins. Winter.  For realz. Oddly enough, I don't like it any more than I did last year.

It started with a winter storm warning on Sunday night letting me know to expect 3-5" of snow yesterday, with an expected 6-12" more today. Fan-frickin-tastic.

First casualty, Kev unable to get home from Atlanta last night because the flight into Escanaba was canceled. Awesome sauce.

On a good note from last night, the bossman came out and plowed my driveway with his truck. A huge thanks for that!! He's basically my driveway savior when Kev is out of town.

I awoke this morning to noise on the bathroom skylight. Great. That can only mean one thing.....rain. Now, this can mean one of two things; either it's really warm out, or it's raining and freezing.

I'll give you one guess as to which one it's doing here. I hopped in my lovely new vehicle and even with that nice all wheel drive, the fact that my road isn't plowed (and probs won't be for days) means the road was trying to pull me every which way but straight. And of course, because it's raining, I had to stop and get gas. I can't believe there isn't a damn full service gas station anywhere because today I would have liked that.

I got to work and after firing up the computer, I figured I'd message Kev to tell him what the weather is doing. He messaged me just as I was about to and told me he was getting on the plane to Detroit and wanted to know what I thought his odds were of making it here. Ummm.....not good. But since he has nothing better to do, he decided to risk it. Worst case scenario, he said he'll get to Detroit, eat some Taco Bell and then hop a flight back to Atlanta. Unfortunately, if that happens I won't see him for another week because there's no point in coming home for 8 hours.

So yup. Great start to our Tuesday.

I did do my nails again last night. That's two days in a row! Go me!!

This one is a little different than my normal stuff.
China Glaze Soft Sienna Silks, Sinful Colors Black on Black, DRK-A stamp
I have to say I rather like this one! The brown is China Glaze Soft Sienna Silks. I did the usual Seche Vite topcoat before stamping with Sinful Colors Black on Black and the DRK-A stamp. Then I used the Sally Hansen Big Matte topcoat. I'm a fan of the topcoat and this mani.

I'm sitting at work waiting for the boss to make his revisions on a divorce judgment. After that I have no clue what we'll be doing. The courthouse is closed for Veterans Day, and we have no clients on the calender. 

When I drove into work, it looked like half the damn town was shut down because of the weather. I swear, not only do people forget how to drive during the first couple of storms, they act like this weather is foreign to them. I understand the schools being closed but don't understand the wusses that are evidently sitting home right now. Seriously, you DO live here, correct?

It's not like this stuff is abnormal. It's Upper Michigan. It's winter. Same shit, different year.  You should have learned how to function in it by now.

Crap. I just checked the flight status. Delayed. Just as I thought, doesn't look too promising. 


  1. Love love love!!! I super like the base color and swirly design. Great job indeed!