Monday, November 17, 2014


Holy crapovitch! It is so friggin' cold outside! That pretty, bright sunshine is very deceiving. I never did understand why when it's sunny out in the winter, it makes it feel colder. Why is that?  Not that there's any chance in hell it could feel warm. It was 9 degrees at my house when I left for work. 

Bossman left here at 2 to go back out to camp, and I decided I would brave the cold and go outside to smoke. Normally I just use my e-cigs at work, but since I still have the loaner and couldn't smoke on my way to work, and since I have no actual work to do, I wandered out there. 

I speed smoked about  half that sucker and got my buns back inside to my space heater. Nope....I didn't need a cigarette that bad.

Last night I did decide to finish that striped mani and did the right hand. Why it went so much easier the first night is anybody's guess, but man, it was really giving me trouble! I had to re-do two of them and almost called it quits, but it seemed like such a waste to be almost done and then give up. I'm probs going to take it off tonight, though.

I think I had mentioned a few weeks back about a good deal on Nomorerack for Cult polishes. If memory serves it was 5 for 20 bucks. I didn't have any Cults so I got two sets. I like them so much I ended up buying more from the actual Cult site when they had a sale.

They actually have decent deals on polish quite often there. I know right now they have sets of 5 OPI for 20 bucks, and they have Essie's, some other brands and nail art stuff, too. Shipping on that site is only $2, which is nice.

One of my Cult sets had Coachella, which is billed as a holographic topcoat. Actually, if you do a couple of coats it's a nice silver holo all on its own. For this mani, though, I did use it as a topcoat.
Wet n Wild Mauve Frost, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Cult Coachella Holographic Topcoat,  LeaLac LLC-A stamp
I started the mani with Wet n Wild Mauve Frost, which is pretty much just some random medium pinkish/reddish/mauvish toned polish that I don't remember ever buying. I have no clue where/how/why I got it. Maybe it came in some lot on eBay way back when I was constantly hunting down lots of polish for next to nothing.

It actually is a very pretty color all on its own. Throwing the Cult Coachella over the top of it was kind of an afterthought. As you can see from the pic, even with a stamp over it, it did a pretty nice job of making the polish holographic. I was impressed. As I always find with holographic topcoats, it did lighten the color of the polish quite a few shades, but that was fine with me.

For stamping I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and the LeaLac LLC-A plate. Overall I'll call this a successful mani.

I do have to say that I'm really not sure why I've used this stamping design as many times as I have. Today I'm looking at this picture, and I don't even think I really like it.

Now that I said that I'll have to make sure I don't use it for awhile.


  1. Really nice mani!!! Stop smoking... that's all. hee hee

  2. Thank you, and NOPE....that's all. hee hee