Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Oh, it is soooo damp and gloomy today!! As if being November isn't already depressing enough. It makes the 50 degree weather seem much colder than it should. I'm going to try to just be happy it's 50 and not 30 out there.

I made a discovery on my way home yesterday. I knew that my car was hands free for phone use, not that I ever talk on the phone while driving. If it wasn't for Kev calling me almost every night when he's working, I can seriously go for weeks without ever actually using the damn thing to talk. It doesn't seem that long ago that I said I'd never use texting. Sha', right. Now if I hear a text come in and can't get to my phone immediately, it literally makes me anxious. I don't know what I think I might be missing, but it bothers me. It also bothers me if someone doesn't respond to one of my texts within the first 5 minutes. Yes, I know it's ridiculous.

Anywho, when I got in the car, I hit the bluetooth on my phone so it would connect and discovered that not only can I make and answer calls, I can actually talk to my car and make it do stuff!! Like change the radio station, the temp, the fan speed and I'm not even sure what else. I changed the fan speed 3 times on my way to work just for shits and giggles. I am easily amused. I would say it's sad to be so lazy that you can't change the heat by yourself, but I guess it's not a bad idea because I don't have to take my eyes off the road to do it. 

I wonder if it can have dinner ready and my house cleaned before I make it home.

Here's the mani I did before heading off to Cancun last month.
Orly Harmonious Mess, Sinful Colors Nouveau Purple, LeaLac LLC-A stamp
It's always hard to pick something to do when I'm leaving town. God forbid I decide I hate it once we leave! The light purple here is Orly Harmonious Mess, and I used the LeaLac LLC-A plate with Sinful Colors Nouveau Purple for the stamp.

I did do a different mani mid-way through the trip, but I wish I would have just left this one for the whole week. I never really get tired of purple and wasn't all that pleased with what I did after taking this off.

Too funny. I wrote the first part of this post before lunch. I must have spoken too soon because right when I left for lunch hour, I pulled away and my phone rang while I was driving. So I did actually use the hands free for phone talking! I have to say I kind of liked it!  LOL
I am so glad this day is almost over and tomorrow is a day off. Maybe if I sleep in a little later I can shake this headache. I am so over it and so over how it's affecting my mood.

Color me cranky.