Saturday, November 30, 2013


Holidays are exhausting. Tyler and the fam have been here since Wednesday, and as usual, we are staying up until the weeeeeee hours. It's ridiculous. As if my lack of sleep wasn't already messing with me enough. At this stage of the game, my body isn't sure when it's night or when it's day. I'm sleepy at 4 p.m. and wide awake at 4 a.m. Last night Tyler got back here around 1:30, I think. After we sat and watched some tv, she decided to do a bit of cleaning for me so I stayed up to keep her company. I think it was almost 6 when I finally went to bed. So yup, I is tired.

The other day when I took off Grey's Anatomy I was just looking through ye' ol' polish stash for something to throw on. It's still not easy for me to do my nails, so I'm trying to stick to plain. I completely forgot I had this. I don't think I've ever used it. I'm sure it was a random "wander through Walmart" grab.
Sally Hansen Night Lights holo
This black is Sally Hansen Night Lights, and it is seriously a nice holo in person. And it probs cost me around $2 instead of the $8-$15 I usually pay for a holo.  Is it as striking as something like the Color Club Halo's or by an indie polish maker? Nope! But if you want to just walk into a store and pay a normal amount for a "fancier" polish, I suggest this one.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. If you braved Black Friday, hopefully you came out with no bruises or broken bones. Personally I don't go out shopping during that mess. I tend to sit home and see what great deals I can snag on the interwebs. 

And snag I did. I also found myself buying for myself because some of the deals were just too good to pass up. I think at last count I had bought myself 4 or 5 new sweaters. Shameful!!

I still have quite a few people to buy for, and writing this was a nice, much needed little break. Time to eat some dinner and perhaps try to finish up a few more people. 

I'll be glad when I'm done shopping and when life in general goes back to normal. Maybe then I can get back to tending the blog like I was before. I hate that I'm not getting as many entries in as before.

A blog without new entries just isn't any fun!


  1. That Black Friday thing looks truly insane! I watched a few crazies on FB ready to assassinate each other over toys n tees, I would totally stay in too!
    Lovely colour! I have the most crazy neon yellow on right now, looking to tone it down a bit with some tape art later! Happy shopping!

  2. No black friday stuff for me! Love that mani... I happen to LIKE the "plain" manis.. hee hee hee At least I can DO those! haha