Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm feeling saddish today. My friend lost her best friend, her "Baboo", her hubster, yesterday afternoon. After months of questions about what was really wrong with him, they finally found out just a few days ago, and he passed quietly, peacefully and with dignity with perhaps his fave bluegrass music playing in the background to ease the way. Tons-o-love going out from my heart to hers right now. 

I tend to get more than a little emotional for stuff like this. I wish I had a dollar for every tear I've shed for people I've never actually  met or for their pets whenever life takes a big ol' shit on them. Sometimes it sucks being a mushball on the inside and a hardass on the outside....tends to confuse people. Oh, well. Such is life, I guess. We all deal in the best ways we know.

I had the worst headache I've had in months yesterday. Normally I pop two Excedrin Migraine when I get to work to keep the headache I have every day from getting worse. Since I'm having the surgery next week, I had to stop taking anything containing aspirin until afterwards. Guess they're askeered I'll bleed to death from my blood being all thin and stuff.  Whatevs. By the time I got home from work I wanted to just chop my head off with a steak knife. It would have hurt less. I broke down and took some Excedrin, so if you never hear from me again after the 13th, it might just be that I didn't make it through surgery. Then I closed my eyes for about 45 minutes and that, in turn, made my arm throb. I can't win.

The other thing that happens when I try to do that in the recliner, for some reason the dogs just cannot leave me alone. That damn Baylee can seriously ignore me for a week unless I'm feeding her, but if I try to lay down, that cold nose of hers nudges me non-stop. And, if God forbid I don't open my eyes to look at her or reach out my hand to touch her, then she'll just try to climb up onto my lap. Meanwhile I have Tinlee on the other side of me doing the same thing. It's amusing but inconvenient. I do love those damn dogs.

After my little "nap", I broiled up some steak for supper for Kev and I, and then we settled in to start watching some tv. I decided that even though my head was killing me, I just couldn't bring myself to leave that polish on for a 3rd day. Just couldn't.

Somebody wore this the other day, and it reminded me how pretty it is and that I hadn't used it in awhile.
Zoya Blaze, Orly Luxe, Cheeky H stamp plate
Zoya polishes are such great polishes, and I love this one, Blaze. It's a great deep red with a nice shimmer to it.  I knew I wanted gold over it but didn't want to cover it all up, so I pulled out my Cheeky H stamping plate. It's a great plate with all scroll-type designs. I tried a couple different golds before deciding on Orly Luxe. It's more of a metallic gold. Purdy!!

Now I just need to think of something to do for tonight's mani. I am bound and determined to do them every day for the next few days. I'm seriously starting to panic about not being able to do nails after surgery. Or how I'll play on the computer. Or get dressed. Everything I own goes on over my head, and I just can't picture me doing that anytime soon. Right now it's easy to get things on, but getting them off at night is another story altogether. Every day I feel my shoulder getting just a little bit worse. Not a fan. I've never let it get this bad before because normally I would have gotten a cortisone shot. I hope this damn surgery works.

If it doesn't, you'll be reading a rather huge VOTD on here.


  1. Sadness is real and apart of life we all feel. I'm feeling the same thing for her. Wishing so much she did not have to go through this and her husband was still with her.

    Headaches are no fun either......... blaze is a really pretty color and a good cure for everyone needing a little cheer ! You did a great mani here.... sorry about all the pain. Wishing you the best with your surgery!

    1. I could do without the sad stuff. :))

  2. Beautiful mani! I adore Blaze! That 2012 Holiday collection was just full of jaw-dropping beauties!

  3. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ Hugs for your friend and you.... Loving the mani, very festive:) I did a striping tape mani last night! Have yet to get a decent pic though!

    1. Not great but not too bad, kind of reminds me of Star Wars?!!

    2. It's pretty. I've never seen Star Wars, though, so I don't know if it would remind me of it or not. lol