Monday, December 2, 2013


Ah, it's Monday. It's hard to believe I've been off work for almost 3 weeks already. It's still weird to be sitting home on a weekday, and I'm having a hard time remembering what day it is most of the time. It's a strange feeling, and I'm undecided as to whether I love it or hate it.

The Michigan unemployment system is trying to make me crazier than I already am. After I filed, I immediately received a letter telling me that I was waived from having to register for work until March since I have a return to work date. Last Wednesday was my assigned day to do my first check-in which has to be done every two weeks in order to get my moolah. I went online to do that, and the system walks you through several questions in order to certify each week. 

Part of those questions involve whether or not you worked, looked for work, etc.  Obvi I have not looked for work so I chose "no" for that question. Then there are additional questions when you choose no for that question. Now, wouldn't you think that one of the choices would be because I'm waived from doing so?  Nope!! That would be way too easy. 

Since I was stumped on how to proceed, I decided I'd better call in to the customer service people to assist me in how I should do this every two weeks. I can't even begin to guess how many times I called. Every time I got the same thing; all reps are on other calls, try your call again later. Okay. I'll do that. Non-stop from 9:00 a.m. right through to 4:35 p.m. when I got the message that they're closed. Fan-frickin-tastic. 

I decided to go ahead and fill out that stupid incomplete question section and not answer that question about why I didn't look for work because it gives the option of answering those additional questions right away or do it later. I thought maybe that "later" part might give me the spot where I could mention that waiver letter. Nope!  I used their system to send a question about this, hoping they'd respond via email.

So even though they're closed, they still managed to send me an email telling me I have a new message in my account, and I fully expected to go to my account and find the answer to my question.  Nope!!

Instead I got two letters telling me there's a problem with my claim because I didn't answer about the looking for work stuff, saying I may lose my eligibility. Seriously, this is a royal pain.

I tried calling on Friday, but of course they were still closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Cut to today, where I started calling at 8:30 and still can't get through.  Hell, I can't even get far enough to be put on hold.  Another option is to go to the problem resolution office. Too bad the nearest one is an hour away. 

It's a damn good thing I don't count on that money to pay for minor things like rent or food, and I feel badly for someone that is dealing with this shitty system for their real bread and butter. Turrible; just turrible.

On Wednesday night I decided I just couldn't have plain nails for Thanksgiving even though my family couldn't care less about what I have on my nails. I still care. It was difficult and a little painful to do, but I managed to at least stamp them. It did take me a little longer than usual, though.
Enchanted I Am the Walrus over black, Llarowe LeaLac A stamp
I didn't bother trying to figure out anything theme oriented. I decided to just go with a fall-ish color.  Enchanted I Am the Walrus over black is just pretty on its own and is honestly one of my favorite polishes of all time. I like it so much I've used half the bottle and already know I want to get another. Hopefully they won't discontinue it. It's really hard to find it in stock most of the time.  I then used one of my all-time fave designs off of my Llarowe LeaLac A stamping plate. Done and done.

Tomorrow is my after surgery followup appointment. I'll be glad to get these stitches out. I think that might sting a little since I've had them in almost a week longer than I should have. I'm healing pretty well; hopefully the 4 spots won't scar too badly. 

I've been doing my exercises a couple of times a day which causes me to be pretty sore, but I think I'm moving pretty well. Of course, I really don't have any idea of how I'm supposed to feel. 

Griffin and I were playing on my bed on Saturday and he slammed my shoulder pretty hard with both feet. It was my own damn fault because of what we were doing, but holy hell did it hurt!! I actually had tears in my eyes from it. The way he hit me didn't concern me as far as doing any damage, but I made damn sure we started playing a different game.  There were quite a few times he wanted me to pick him up, but in general having him here wasn't too difficult with my gimpy arm.

He's such a fun kid, and everytime he was at my house he didn't want to leave. We have a definite system of what we do together, and I "may" be spoiling him a little. He's obsessed with Hot Wheels in almost a fanatical way.  Awhile back I decided to keep new ones set aside in the closet so I could give him a new car as a surprise every now and then. You know, "pick a hand" game.  Now he expects that every time he walks in the door. And now he gets that at least a couple of times when he's here. I think I gave him 4 this trip. He makes sure he has his new cars when he leaves here, and I steal 4 or 5 of his to keep here. He has something like 140+ cars already.  Once he gets his new car, he grabs my hand to help him, and we bring his race track into my bathroom which is where he wants me to go with him to play cars. My bathtub has a great ledge around it which works perfectly for racing.

Every since he was old enough to stand, he spends a lot of time lining them up. Perfectly. In a row, two by two, three by's weird. Tyler said the first thing he did yesterday when they got home was grab some cars and line them up.
Those are just the cars he had in the little case he came here with!! Anytime they come, he chooses which cars will make the trip and puts them in a small zippered case so they can go everywhere with him. Crazy. For Christmas I bought him a case that holds 100 cars that looks like a little suitcase, complete with wheels and a pull out handle.  I'm thinking I should have bought two since he collects cars like a crazy person.

Kind of the way I collect nail polish. Uh-oh......


  1. Love the nails! Boo to trying to get money from 'The Man'! Enjoy your time off:)