Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ugh. I'm so bored with my nails lately. And I don't want to be bored; I want to be doing a bunch of mani's because I know I'll be out of commission starting next Wednesday. I'm sure by next Friday I'll be complaining about not being able to paint 'em. But I can't do a bunch if I can't think of a bunch to do. Woe is me.

I shouldn't be in such a shit mood today; I slept in bed last night and actually did some sleeping for a change. It was kind of a nice surprise to wake up and realize I hadn't woken up 15 times during the night. Hopefully that's a trend that will continue for awhile, and hopefully I won't go back to not sleeping once the surgery is done.

No mouse action last night at all, so I'm thinking I've caught them all. I'm going to leave the traps out for another week just to make sure, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the last of them for this year. They are cute, but good riddance. The dish towels sitting out on the counter are not considered good decorating. It's def a look; it's just not a good look.  Martha Stewart would be horrified.

On a bright note, I reached 1,000 Instagram followers yesterday. That is crazy!! It never ceases to amaze me when I get a new follower, whether it's here, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. I know it's a small number compared to a lot of other nail painters, but I'm pretty happy about it. It certainly isn't anything I would have imagined when I first tried out that first color back in April of 2012. I do love my small slice of the nail polish/nail art world, and I hope it continues for a very long time.

Here's the mani I wore yesterday. Once again, not exciting, but I got both of these Zoya's fairly recently and never used them and thought they'd look nice together. I was right. 

Don't laugh! Sometimes I AM right.
Zoya Neely, Zoya Evvie, Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
The lighter color is Zoya Neely. I snagged it on eBay for $4, and I love a good light green.  Zoya Evvie is one that I got with my gift certificate from winning the Halloween nail art contest on The Beauty Clutch FB page. I used my DRK-A plate for the stamp. This design is one of my all-time favorites.

I suddenly decided just now that I need my hairs cut. Well, I actually decided that about 3 weeks ago; it just took me until this minute to actually do something about it. I got lucky because she has an opening today right after I leave work. I don't know why I always put it off for so long; it takes all of 10 minutes. So rather than going straight home and possibly eating dinner, I'll lose some split ends.

Good times.  I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect. 


  1. Congrats on 1000 followers on IG!!! That's super!!! The mani---totally gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thanks. Can't go wrong with mint green, and I don't care if it's more of a summer color. lol

  2. WTG on 1000! I'm still working on getting my IG setup. Ya can't upload pics to it unless you have an app. Which I don't have! no fair

  3. Love green! This is very fresh looking:) How about a striping tape mani? I love those but am mostly too lazy to do them!

    1. I love using striping tape, but they are time consuming.