Friday, November 8, 2013


I really hate stupid people.  And last night I discovered that I am a stupid people. As I'm sure you're tired of reading about, my effing arm hurts! Not a news flash, I know. Well, last night Kev was asking how it was doing, and I was telling him how it just hurts all the time now. Then I was saying how I had never let it go this long; before I would have gotten a cortisone shot and never given it a chance to get this bad.

So yeah, it was right about at that moment where I said, "Ya' know, if I was smart, I would have asked the doctor if I could get just one more shot to hold me over until surgery."  Great idea, right? Would anybody care to explain to me why the hell I didn't think of that brilliant, logical idea before now? I mean, it's pointless now, but holy shitballs; I could have saved myself a whole lot of pain and sleepless nights if I had even half of a brain. I'm so pissed at myself!

On a brighter note, though, instead of taking one Tylenol with codeine before bed last night I popped two of those suckers and slept a little better. Woop.

We were watching the telly last night and I dozed off in the middle of a show and slept kind of off and on for about 90 minutes. It was a restless nap because my arm kept waking me up, but when I finally decided to stay awake, I hadn't even thought about what to do on my nails.

I took off the red and gold, but then I just still felt kind of sleepy and unmotivated until suddenly it was midnight, and I still had naked nails. Well, that's not good! (like I said, I am a stupid people)

My Essie Good as Gold was sitting on the end table next to me, and since I didn't feel like going to search for anything else, I slapped on two coats of that, topcoated and planned on just going with that.

Of course I couldn't just leave it alone. I went and grabbed my DRK-A plate, my MASH black stamping polish and quickly did what I have here. It went really fast, so I still got to bed at my normal time.
Essie Mirror Good as Gold, MASH black, Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
I actually love this pretty damn much. I don't think I've used this pattern before. It's one of those that cover a nice amount of the nail but still let the base color show through, and those are usually my faves.  Yup, a last minute winner, in my opinion.

Now it's Friday; I've cleaned the whole house because I'm thinking I won't want to be doing that next weekend. I was probs funny to watch while doing it. I was trying to use just my left hand and not move my right arm. Holy-moly, that was hard! I am definitely not so coordinated without my right hand. 

I think I will go make some peanut butter cookies for supper just because they sound delightful and I can't think of anything "real" food that sounds as good as those.

Peanut butter = protein. Justified!



  1. Lovely! I need to get some XL stamps, my nails are getting looong! Woot! Damn that arm of yours, nakid nails for a bit is a good trade off for no pain and a decent kip!

    1. It damn well better work. I have a feeling I'll be painting at least one hand fairly soon. With 8 weeks off of work I need something to do.

    2. Indeed! By the end of it you should be as good at painting with your left as you are with your right!