Monday, November 11, 2013


Last week the boss' daughter came in to visit. A few months ago she spent some time in the office doing some of the work while she was looking for a new job. She got a good job so off she went. Well, she stopped in to ask about working in the evenings while I'm off work for "two weeks". Somewhere along the line between my boss, his wife and her, two months turned into two weeks. In other words, after I was nice enough to postpone my surgery so he'd have time to find somebody, somebody still hadn't been found. Unreal.

When he came back after lunch I mentioned that she had stopped in, and he said that he was going to have her come in at night to do the typing. Um...okay. He still hadn't found anybody to actually "work" during the day. He informed me that his goal was "to not panic" when I leave. 

Today I texted his daughter to wish her a happy birthday, and she asked me if I knew that he'd found someone. What? Honest to God, he is enough to drive a person to drink. Excessively. Evidently his son's girlfriend is just going to come in and answer phones 5 hours a day, and Dana will come in at night and do the typing. And people wonder why I feel bad when I leave. Sheesh. He's like a child sometimes. But I guess I don't have to worry about it anymore. Dana knows she can text or call me, and I'll help her if she has any questions.

The biggest stress on my mind now is the whole unemployment thing. I've never had to get that before, and I guess I have to apply for jobs and prove it twice a month. Um, I don't want a new job, people. So I'm freaked out by that whole process.

The weekend was quite uneventful. Got the house cleaned on Friday, and that pretty much sums up the extent of my ambition. I did manage to make some tuna salad last night so I have something to eat without having to cook after the surgery. Next up to cook will be some chili soup. Other than those two things, maybe I'll just live on sammiches. 

I was determined to get a couple of mani's done over the weekend, and I did do three. I was just kind of messing around trying different things, and some of those were epic failures. If everything I tried would have actually worked, I probably would have six to post. Oh, wellz; not everything works every time.

I have quite a few of the stamping plates with the French tip designs on them. I used one many months ago and wasn't overly excited about it. I found it difficult to get them on straight across. On Saturday I decided I'd give it another try.

It's funny how in the pic it looks like I didn't paint my nails. Those of you with the Custom nails in pink know that they look quite similar to how these look here. Actually, they are painted with Sinful Colors Glass Pink. It's super light and has a slight shimmery sparkle to it. Photo fail!!

Then I tried stamping with an off-white OPI because I wanted the tip design to be subtle. It didn't show up at all, so I called that too subtle.  I decided I'd better use my actual stamping polish to make it show up. It still ended up not quite bold enough, but in person it wasn't bad.
Sinful Colors Glass Pink, MASH white stamping polish, Bundlemonster BM216 French tip stamp
I had a really hard time deciding which tip design to use, too. There are several cute ones in the bunch I have, but I like this one from the Bundlemonster BM216 plate.

While it isn't a very exciting mani, it is dainty and I suppose might be cute for a wedding mani or some such nonsense.  Of course before I found out about all this nail stuff, I would have thought this was the best shit ever! Now, not so much.

I have a couple of good mani's left to show, and I'm just going to say this much; one of them is a showstopper! I'm not sure if I'll post it tomorrow in case I'm out of commission for a bit or if I'll hold on to it for when I come back, but I think it's one of the grooviest mani's I've ever done.

Consider yourself teased.


  1. Elegant! Consider me teased! I just got my holo's through the post ┌(・。・)┘♪

  2. Hmm not overly impressed with my first, CG Strap on your Moon Boots, the holo is quite subtle and it was a Beee to put on, if I didn't get my nail covered in 3 swipes that stuff just turned to gunge and started coming off! :/ The Color Club one looks A-mazing though, saving for an occasion!

    1. Yeah, that's what I thought you'd think.